My collections of nightmares for you. This is my story and you are just here to listen and wait. Wait each day so I can give you a nightmare. Just wait and see...... Want to know what goes on in my head? Want to find out?.... Just ask.


25. Catching up

Round, and round the world we go. Trying to catch up, but never do. Reaching out a hand, and grasp nothing but air. It's so cold and dark, I feel so numb, and my heart aches. I feel so hollow and broken inside. I sit here have lost all hope of catching up. Who am I? Why am I here? Why am I here? Who would care id I'm gone? Who would try and help me? Who will catch me when I fall? Nobody that's who. Nobody will miss me, nobody will try and help me, and nobody will catch me when I fall, but. Do you want to know something? If I fall I'll get hurt. I'll stand right back up and carry on. I'll fight and never give up. Who will stand by me? Who will cheer me on? Nobody that's who, because I don't need anybody.

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