My collections of nightmares for you. This is my story and you are just here to listen and wait. Wait each day so I can give you a nightmare. Just wait and see...... Want to know what goes on in my head? Want to find out?.... Just ask.


2. Bloody boy

I'm back with another nightmare for you













That is what I see. What I see in the reflection is a person whom you cant tell if its  man or woman even if you look closely. A dead hollow person that was kidded on the inside out. I cant even remember my name anymore. I wasn't always like this no I think I was happy once upon time. I used to be happy and smiled I think. I had friends I think and I was happy I think. But that's all in the past. Now I walk around this god forsaken world. watching people die. And watching others eat the dead for meat. I don't eat other people. But I one saw a girl looking down on me. acting I was lying there half dead and half alive I begged a girl walking bye that had no emotion no anger, no sadness, no nothing, just a clean slate. I then begged her to kill me as she looked down on me. She zoned out for a minute and then came back. She looked away and started to walk away humming a sing that sounded familiar suddenly a voice in the shadows of my mind sang "Live a life so awful and ban awful and bad. Live a life so awful and bad until your bones" is what it sang.

I cut if off knowing that I'm going crazy. I've heard of this before. Someone starts go slowly crazy when they hear a voice in their head sing a song telling the to do it. people talked about it. I saw many people go crazy but she seemed to go along with it. not caring if she were to go crazy or not. I followed her for a couple of years. She was at a cliff this time but she then said a single word. "No" and she walked away. She must be resisting it or doing everything opposite because after a couple of days her ears were bleeding. Then so suddenly she stood up at walked over to a cliff. and fell. I did see one thing before she was dead at the bottom with blood around her. She smile like she was finally happy at her fate. Like she was being free. Then her Face twisted in horror like she was living her life again and again.

I then saw a pack of wolves go up to the dead body. They tore it to shreds and ate her. then knowing I was there all along they looked at me as if they were saying you next and ran up to me. I was frozen in my spot still horrified of what they did to her. Then ran. They came after me. Razor sharp teeth were soon in my skin I cried out in pain as the jumped on my and started to tear me apart limb from limb. admitting defeat I stopped struggling and lay there still finally my death has come but I relived those 5years over and over forever and ever. Some how I think someone else got the same cruel fate as me and I smiled thinking I'm not alone. Someone else has the same fate as me and I'm glad and I think it Is that girl with the same fate as mine. My final thoughts were before I started my life over again.

-The End-

Tomorrow I'll show you a gruesome nightmare. Goodnight

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