My collections of nightmares for you. This is my story and you are just here to listen and wait. Wait each day so I can give you a nightmare. Just wait and see...... Want to know what goes on in my head? Want to find out?.... Just ask.


13. Are they really gone?

I'm back. And I am sorry for not posting sooner.

You know writer's block. He-he

I lived with my father for 12 years. My name is Alec. Mom died when I was 5 and father hasn't been the same since. He ignore for years. When I turned 12 father said he had a special surprise. It was my birthday that day and I was going to hang out with my friend Nathaniel's house that day. His family was like my own. They had there own business that they wanted to become world wide and were having there life pretty  good. His mom kind of took me in and his dad too. There names were Nate and Samantha His little brother and sister use to call me Big Sis when I came over. There names were Michel and Lucy. Those two were so close it was like they were joined hips. You would never see Lucy without Michel close bye. The same with Michel. Well that day it was Christmas. Yes I was born on Christmas. Every year it would snow and Nathaniel and I would go and play out in it with his family. We would build snow forts and have snow ball fights, build snow men and women. But Nate adding TOO MUCH detail in the chest area resulting in Samantha destroying it scolding him on his bad example for the kids.

Well that Christmas wasn't like the others. Father called me into his office so we could talk. Might I add my family was rich and so we had a BIG house. I remember that day it was like a song that was stuck in your head and you just have to sing it. He sat in his desk and had the maids leave the room. The maids left but not without giving me a look of pity. I remember being so confused when he slapped me. He stared at me with crazy like he wanted to kill me. Next thing I knew my hands were bound and my back was bare. I was so scared that day. He rummaged through his desk and pulled something long out. My back was then meet with a whip. He started to relentlessly whip me. My back was raw and covered in blood.

He pulled a gun out and the door was flung opened. Father stopped and looked at who entered. The maids scrambled out the door and in walked Samantha. I was so relieved and happy when she untied me and covered me up. She then grabbed me and was running. I heard shouting and a gun when off. We were so close to the door and we fell and all I could see was Samantha's beautiful brown hair. I scrambled out from underneath her. She stood up and yelled at me. "R-run get out of here! Go to Nate! He will protect you! I promise!" then there was multiple shots fired and she fell down. I remember screaming her name she looked up at me and told me to run. I ran out the door and the last thing I heard from my father was "You are a cursed child! You killed your mother! And now you will kill all those you hold dear to you!" I ran as fast as I could and I got to Nate's and Samantha's house. I opened the door and slammed it shut.

"Big- PAPA! HELP ITS BIG SIS!" I cold hear two children scream. Nate and Nathaniel came running in and saw my raw back cover in blood, dirt, and sweat. "Oh my god... Who did-" if memory serve me right I cut the person off saying. "Father-whip-blood-gun-Samantha-run-shot-yelling-running-house-" I was breathing so fast and there was a bang on the door. Michel opened the door and a shot was heard. There was a scream of pain and he was on the floor covered in his blood. Lucy screamed and Nate rushed us all into Nathaniel's room and took a gun out of his closet. "Stay here." he growled. He walked out of the room after a minute he came back. I remember him saying that there was nothing there except the cold body of his son.

He was crying and so was everybody else. He asked me what happened and I explained it to him. Nathaniel then said "Alec please I need to tell you something promise me you will answer it." he asked me. I nodded at him "I love you Alec please say you love me too." I sat there shaking. To stunned to move. Nate then shuffled us in the car and we were at a fast food place and a man came up to us. He looked at Nathaniel and asked "Sir do you have anything you could loan me? Maybe that girl?" he asked with a devilish smile. "Nathaniel look out it's Him!" I screamed at him. Father pulled a knife out. He was about to stab him but even though she was young Lucy pushed Nathaniel out of the way and was stabbed. She crumpled onto the floor like a ton of bricks gasping for breath. Father got away.

Her eyes that were filled with so much life were soon a dull ugly dark brown color. Almost black. And her skin the olive color glow that was so soft and held warmth was a turning to a dull gray and was becoming cold every minute until she was ice cold to the touch. I remember holding her face and hand as she looked at me crying until she gave me one final kiss on the check and she fell limp. I screamed. First Mom, next Samantha, then Michel, and now Lucy. I was on the floor pounding my fists into the ground until they bleed. But that wasn't enough not for all the people I've killed. Somebody pushed me to the ground and help my crying face. "Alec stop it!" he yelled at me. It was Nathaniel. I was trembling and couldn't stop.

After crying on Nate and Nathaniel we walked back to the car and there was a note. "Alec all the ones that you love and cherish will soon die by my hands and mine alone. You have only one person to blame. That if your self. I will kill every last one of them. Love your Father." I crumpled the note and stuffed it in my pocket. The car was getting too stuffy and so I wanted to get out. We stopped at a park. Nathaniel came with me but Nate stayed in the car. It started to snow. I remember Nathaniel saying "Look Alec. Its snowing. Its so pretty that why the snow reminds me of you." he said with a blush on his face. We stopped by a tree the very one I am standing at right now telling this story. There was an unexpected gun shot and another one soon followed it. Nathaniel pushed me out of the way and took the shots. I screamed at him to leave me behind but he turned to look at me and yelled at me "I would never leave you. I will protect you until I die! Remember the promise that we made to each other when we were little?" he said.

I nodded at him of course I remember. But it was my time to protect him. I tried to push him out of the way of the next shot but the bullet was aimed at me instead. I got shot right in the shoulder. Nathaniel yelled at the guns man and it was my father as always. Father shot Nathaniel about 5 more timed maybe 7 I lost count after the fourth one because I was too scared to count. I ran over to him. He coughed up blood while he said these words to me "R-run Alec.... Run away... I-I wont blame you.... I-I want you to s-shot him....One last thing.. I-I love y-you and I hope you love me t-to." he said and the same thing tat happened to Lucy, Michel, Samantha, and Mom happened to Nathaniel too.

I screamed for like the hundredth time that day but this scream I let all my emotions out like a bottle that was filled up and popped. I was sobbing. "I love you too. I love you. I love you Natie." I keep repeating over on his body. Natie was a nick name that only I knew about. He gave me one too. It was Le-le. He used my last 2 letters in my first name. "Please call me that name one more.... please." I whispered to his dead body. No response was what I got. Later I would get it though but I didn't knew then. I looked over at my father. He was wearing a smug look and all I wanted to do was kill him.

I grabbed the gun that lay forgotten in Nathaniel's hands and shot my father. "You will pay for everything! If Mom didn't marry you my life would of been happy and joyful but she did marry you. She married a CYCOPATH AND A KILLER!" I screamed at him. He was hunched over and I tried to take another shot at him but was tackle by somebody. "Alec stop. There is no need for you to get your hands dirty." The person whispered in my ear. It was Nate's voice. I had to let my tears go. I got up and stumbled over to Nathaniel's body and collapsed on it. The wind whispered. But only one sentence got my attention "I love you Le-le" it whispered. and I sobbed even more.

After a few months Nate adopted me and we went home and I stayed in Nathaniel's room. I didn't move anything. I wanted it to stay like it was. A few days later I started to see apparitions,. When I could finally see who they were I was happy. I could even hear and talk to them. It was Nathaniel, Lucy, Michel, and Samantha. I would only talk to them when we were alone. I tooled Nate about them and he didn't think I was crazy. Nate and I still run their business and we were going to all the places that Samantha wanted to go to. Years later I started to see less and less of my departed family until all I could hear were there voices.

But all voices must stop at some point. When I couldn't hear then anymore I fell into a deep depression even Nate was worried. Even now I as I speak to you about my life I am still sad even if I am an old woman now. But once in a while I would hear the wind whisper the same message that Nathaniel would say "I love you Le-le." and each time I would cry. Years later Nate died. Today marks the 17th year anniversary of all there deaths. It's kind of ironic all of them died on the same day. My birthday.

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