Dreamer of the Crowd

These are my personal favourites, in preparation for putting together a collection for a competition. If you prefer other ones please let me know, I'd love as much help as possible choosing the right ones


5. 5

Dreaming of simple things

Leaning against the wall,

I imagined as bark,

The silence became,

The hush of leaves,

In lazy summer breezes,

The lonely air in my hands,

Became your fingers,

And the weight on my shoulders,

Became your head resting against me,

And your smile lightened my soul,

I let out a breath,

Which became a subtle kiss,

A soft promise to each other,

To you, my girl, I belong,

As my hair,

Which I imagined were longer,

Blew in the wind,

We held each other close,

Until in the lazy summer breezes,

We drifted to sleep,


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