Dreamer of the Crowd

These are my personal favourites, in preparation for putting together a collection for a competition. If you prefer other ones please let me know, I'd love as much help as possible choosing the right ones


2. 2

Before Tomorrow

Walking quickly,

Just to catch up with you,

So we can talk for a few more minutes,

So I can see your eyes just one more time,

Before tomorrow.


Walking slowly,

Just to make it last longer,

So I can feel your hand in mine for another eternity,

So I can see you smiling for another second,

Before tomorrow.


Holding you closer,

Just to feel your heart,

So I can hear the sound of every gentle breath,

So you can keep me warm for another moment,

Before tomorrow.


Looking back,

Just to see you step inside,

So I can catch another glimpse of your hair,

So I hear the last thing you say,

Before tomorrow.


Running home,

Just to make the time go faster,

So that the adrenaline can make each minute rush by,

So I don't have to wait quite as long,

Before tomorrow.

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