Dreamer of the Crowd

These are my personal favourites, in preparation for putting together a collection for a competition. If you prefer other ones please let me know, I'd love as much help as possible choosing the right ones


11. 11

Jumbled thoughts

And the worn corner of a textbook,

Blocks a few burning rays,

Building a citadel across,

The scratched surface of an unstable desk,

Gently rocking beneath my words,

That show themselves between feint ruled,

Lines of a notebook filled with,

Plans, pain and poems,

Abstract sketches of worlds I made and,

Shadowy drawings of what I,

Could, might, mustn't do,

Confessions to myself alongside,

Drafted chapters as yet undecided,

Unchecked, raw,

Seventy-two sheets not yet,

Filled with my written song,

Still not complete,

Like my jumbled thoughts which,

On occasion grace the page.


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