Beautiful Balladry

Poems I created when I was bored. The book consists of lyrical poems. So read and comment and like and share etc etc etc...LOVE YOU GUYS :*

*All Rights Reserved*


5. The Walking Dead

I’m a zombie in a way. Because I was once alive. But I’m dead today. How did I die? I think I drowned. In the stressfulness of my life. It swallowed me in and took me down. Then I was all alone. Awaiting my fate. Hoping someone would stop and try to save me. But the more I yearned and was disappointed. My depression developed to hate I panicked and attacked. They gave me a mid-sized, cyan, tablet. And told me to relax. So now I’m a zombie. In my own way. Cause I was once alive. And I’m dead today. Yea I’m still breathing, and walking and talking. It’s just my brain is eating itself away.
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