Beautiful Balladry

Poems I created when I was bored. The book consists of lyrical poems. So read and comment and like and share etc etc etc...LOVE YOU GUYS :*

*All Rights Reserved*


1. Happiness

Happiness, What is it? A person can be happy about anything. From family, a hobby, or a relationship. Love is the reason for all happiness. Love is connected to happiness. Without love there would be no family. Without love there would be no relationship. There would be no passion and no affection. There wouldn’t be that warm feeling inside that forces a smile to spread across your face. There wouldn’t be that sparkling admiration in his eyes... in your eyes or the warmth and redness of her face. There would be no inspiration. There would be no compliments. Because without love there would be no happiness. Without love there would be no you and me because the first love is the first real experience of happiness that will ever be.
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