Luke x Reader

Luke attends high school once again and the boys join him.
You a high school cool kid wannabe who tries so hard to fit in.
Luke and You run into each other (ligits) and he helps you up, that hand held gives you a felling you never felt before.


1. The Boys Return

Here we are another day at school your in year 10 and no-one cares you try to fit in but how can you when your a punk girl.

You heard that the famous 5 Seconds Of Summer were returning to school but you cant help but feel that you don't care their your most favourite worldwide band and yet you don't care that you get to see them again.

you have no friends and all you do is study in the library you don't know if you should even live.

'RRRIIINNNGGG' the bell went off. You started to walk off the class then you got pushed by some boys racing. Your books everywhere. "are you alright?" you looked up it's Luke Hemmings "yeah im fine" you start picking up your books and he helps "watch where you guys are going" he says to the boys "Luke don't worry it happens all the time to me" you say to him you then realise you have a bruise on your knees "oh no" you say to yourself.

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