the fear of falling apart ; mgc

"if you love me, let me go." *trigger warning*


3. three

michael has stopped going to school. although we've grown closer through text, i'm starting to worry. i know, i shouldn't be. but he hasn't texted or called (even though we never really call). jeez, why am i obsessing over him? it's not like we talked much, we're not best friends. this boy is driving me crazy, i swear.

as i sit down at dinner, i go on my phone and text michael. i know he won't answer, but for some reason it makes me feel better.

mom notices, and she snaps her fingers in front of my eyes, sighing.

"unity, this is important. you're leaving tomorrow."

"yeah, i know. something about eastbridge?"

"northbridge," mom corrects me.

"same thing," i mumble.​

mom goes on about the rehab place i'm going to - northbridge. i barely listen, because i'm too focused on my phone. i know i should get off, but i don't. and then she stops talking.

"for goodness' sake, unity. who are you texting?"

"no one," i reply automatically.

she takes the phone away from my hands and makes a confused expression.

"michael? who's michael, your boyfriend?"

i take it back from her.

"michael's not my boyfriend," i confirm.

"good. you can't have boyfriends when you're going into rehab. you have enough on your plate already. speaking of plates, you haven't had one bite of your food. the least you could do is eat after cutting yourself."



i thought i saw michael today. i was at the store earlier buying groceries (god know mom would refuse) and saw the back of a purple-haired boy in green flannel. i'm certainly not crazy, please. i'm not crazy. i know what i saw. i know it was him.

or maybe i'm just imagining things.

oddly enough, none of his usual friends were with him. which may sound normal, but i always see them together. not saying that i like it. of course i was going to say hi when i saw him, but i thought he noticed me and was mad or something.


i take another walk to relax. i'm listening to drive by halsey (one of the most relaxing songs i've ever heard) and my ipod switches to the song untitled-oct7 by teen suicide. and that's when i saw them.

michael and this boy with brown (or dark blond, i could never tell) hair were walking in the opposite direction. we were both on the sidewalk, and evidently, they were coming my way.

the boy had his hands shoved in his pockets, quietly listening while michael went on about something. the boy had these dorky but cute glasses on, and his curly hair kept dropping in front of his face, resulting in some of his hair covering the glasses' black frame.

michael, on the other hand, wouldn't stop smiling. although his friend didn't seem to be listening much, michael didn't stop talking. in fact, i don't think i've ever seen him so happy.

when they see me, i force a smile. well, not really force - smiled slightly. i'd love to talk with them, don't get me wrong - but i hate intruding on other people's conversations. it makes me feel like they're hiding something.

"hi," michael's friend says cutely.

"hello," i reply.

his dimples appear when he smiles, making me blush (just a bit. it's hard not to blush while talking to him, whoever he is).

"i'm ashton, this is michael."

i go along with it and say, "nice to meet you, michael. i'm unity."

michael smiles softly while greeting me, "nice to meet you too. maybe we could see each other more often? you seem genuine enough."

"of course."

and they're gone.


teen suicide (the band, not the verb) is amazing, i definitely recommend their music. i always listen to them when i'm anxious or depressed or something. it calms me down.

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