the fear of falling apart ; mgc

"if you love me, let me go." *trigger warning*


5. five

michael clifford

she's here. unity is here. and she's just as beautiful as the last time i saw her.

what is she doing here?

"um.." is all i manage to get out. "hi."

i swallow, and she can probably see my anxiousness to see her. all of a sudden, she sits down criss-crossed on the bed in front of me. she places a kiss on my cheek and hugs me warmly, like no one has before.

i'm shocked at first, and as the seconds pass by, we're still hugging. i feel like frowning when she pulls away.

"what-" my voice cracks, and i clear it, embarrassed. "what are you doing here? not that i'm complaining, you're- you're great."

'you're great'? really? that's all i can manage to say after five long months? 

"um.. i missed you," i say. god, i'm so awkward. i sigh, "look, i-i'm sorry i haven't contacted you in, like, a month, but i-"

"michael," she cut me off. "i don't care. i just.. i missed you too."


crappy update but hey thanks for 2k x


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