Bulimia Anorexia Ana Mia


11. Vegan attempt

so I attempted to go vegan and then my mom yelled at me because I wouldn't have the chicken she cooked. She didn't know, but I slid all my dinner down my sleeve of my big hooded sweatshirt. Right after I showed her my plate I went to the bathroom, turned the shower water on, and stuffed the dinner down the drain from my sleeve. I couldn't put it in the toilet because my mom would hear and get mad. I had a banana for dinner, and 2 slivers of cucumber for lunch. Drink water, so it can flush out your system. Drink coffee for a high metabolism. I tell this to myself. I memorize it. I engrave it in my mind. I am now labeled (risk for fat), for if I eat I will be a risk to be fat. I feel fat, but deep inside I know I'm not HUGE. 

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