Bulimia Anorexia Ana Mia


3. The starving

   I sit at a table in a Mexican restraunt in front of a person who has been noticing my (not eating in front of people) habits and scars on my knuckles.This. Makes it almost impossible for me to eat. Starting to eat a lot would menacehim to judge wouldn't it? I order the lightest thing on the menu, a house salad, no dressing, and diet coke. When the server brought out my auntree, my lip quivered in disgust. The chef put cheese on top, along with carrots, fattening ugh. I tend to be more picky and strict with my eating around people. It's the people that know who make me not want to stop this. 

 I spi nmy fork around slowly and slower around the lettuce, and take a small bite. I chew it 30 times and swallow it with diet coke. I do this a couple of times before it is time to leave and go back home. The key is to eat...slow..so no one notices. 

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