Sycamore Assassin

She is given the chance to right wrongs that are centuries old. She is given the chance to save the Outcasts. But to do so, she must assassinate the King.


1. Sycamore Assassin

Sycamore Assassin is book 3 in the Sycamore Trilogy. 

Summary- After Crest is taken into the city to be put on trail for Disregard of Outcasting, she points out her father, who is forced to admit that Crest is his illegitimate daughter. Crest is made a lady, and soon realizes that she has the chance to assassinate the King. But first, she must ensure that his heir will accept her as queen. With the Prevalents rallying behind her and the Outcasts depending on her, Crest is forced to twist Tynged and play with her Destiny. 

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