The Brightest Light One Shot

An artistic rendition of the mind of a 5 Seconds Of Summer fan who truly believes in the power of light in music, and how lives can be saved through something so simple as a melody. This is my story, and how 5 Seconds Of Summer saved my life.


1. The Brightest Light: 5SOS AU

It was as if they were each the first lights off in the horizon, peeking through the mountains that separated her from her hearts desire. It was as if they were each a different morning light shining at the same time: the light that brought color to the world, the light that seemed to pulse to the beat of her heart, the light that seemed to envelope her in warmth, and the light that made the world easier to see. Slowly, then all at once, they reached out their tendrils of beautiful melody and burning heat, and caressed her scars, delicately singing them into oblivion. It was painful, but it was worth it. It made her forget the towering mountains that she could never climb. The heat coursed through her veins as if she was becoming another bright light in the ice blue sky.


Her heart opened, absorbing the newfound power they had given her. They had taught her how to revive her withered soul and help it become stronger. They knew that she wouldn't be healed with just one touch of their majestic whimsy, so each day, they would rise in the East and set in the West, healing one scar after another.


Once they set and the stars came out, she looked up at the sky, missing the warmth of their embrace, waiting until they came back. She felt her scars coming back during this time of darkness, but instead, they grew back over her heart instead of her body. Although her skin had become clear of any markings, her heart had started to become blocked up with them. It ended up spreading to her lungs when there wasn't enough space left to cover her heart. They had yet to take notice of her past slowly suffocating her. All they could see was what she showed them: a smile.


One day, before the first lights shone through the clouds of a dewy sky, she found it hard to breathe. She cried out for help, but it was too early. They couldn't rise before their time. She was suffocating in her misery, drowning in icy breathlessness. Finally, she understood that they were not supposed to heal her again that day, that it was her time to go and become one again with the earth beneath her. So, she laid herself down on the cold ground and closed her eyes. Her breathing slowed until it came to a close.


Finally, the lights pierced the foggy morning, past the mountains, searching for her. At first, they didn't see her. The light that pulsed to her heartbeat grew worried. He could no longer feel her. They searched and searched until they found her. Daisies had grown around her sleeping form. She looked peaceful, happy. But the lights knew.


They knew it wasn't her time. But they didn't know why her eyes were closed. She looked fine. But when one light made it easier for them to see, it shone to her heart and lungs. The colorful light grew red with rage and the warm light grew cold. Wind blew, thunder clapped, the clouds came rushing at the lights, snuffing out their power all at once.


The lights were sent into a frenzy, clashing and fighting to help the girl surrounded by daisies. Storms shook the earth, destroying everything in sight. The lights collided again and again, doing everything they could to stop it. Finally, after one last crash, their power sparked, moulding and forming together. The four powers combined, making a blinding flame that even made the lights turn away. It burned away the black clouds, saturating the world in light yet again.


Everything was brighter, clearer, sharper. This new flame, the product of fear and unhappiness, burst over the girl, raining down, sinking into her pores and burning through her skin. It collected itself back over her heart and lungs, erasing the scars one by one. The closer it got to her heart, the warmer the flame became. It worked its way down until all the scars that built up were gone.


The flame caressed her heart, begging it to beat again. Without the heartbeat it could not pulse. Without the laughter there would be no color, without passion there would be no warmth, and without open eyes there is no clarity. But she was not coming back alive. So, the flame did the one thing it could.


It buried itself deep in her heart, liquefying as it forced her heart to beat. The light was pumped through her veins, healing from the inside out. With a gasp, her eyes flew open, light taking the place of her pupils and song taking the place of her breath. She shot into the sky, spreading her light across the world.


The force of it was so strong that the mountains below her creaked and groaned at the pressure. Boulders fell from the giant walls, crushing the ground beneath them. More and more of it fell until there was only a pile of rubble left.


Amidst immediately, the light faded from her eyes and the song had ended. Slowly, she floated back down onto a bed of flowers, falling back into a peaceful slumber. She was tired from creating so much light.


The new light was still within her, but no longer as potent. Just a small trace of fire within her veins. This was enough to keep her alive and fighting.


After one day and one night, her eyes slowly fluttered open. She awoke feeling more refreshed than she had in a long time. Looking up into the late night sky, she saw little bright lights twinkling. The more she stared, the faster they faded. She realized that the first lights were coming out.


As the lights rose and lit up the world, she could see the pile of rocks where the mountains used to be.

A shocked gasp spilled from her lips as she took in the sight before her. This is what the mountains were blocking her from?

Passed where the mountains used to stand so tall, the land stretched before her. And it looked...

The Same  

The girl shook her head. She didn't understand. Was she looking in the wrong direction? Turning around, the girl saw the land she was from originally. The same landscape, the same rolling hills, the same everything. Looking up to the lights in the sky, she became confused. She begged them to explain what was going on.    

A soft whisper of wind passed through her heart, making her see things she hadn't ever seen before. It was her, in the sky, lighting the world, crumbling mountains.    

She did that? The wind spoke to her, telling the tales of her bravery. Her power. The kind that you don't realize you have, but others see and stare in awe. Her power, it was light. It was the light inside of her that was fueled by her pain and loss, her loneliness and misery. It grew brighter and brighter until it exploded unto the world, cleansing it of any negativity.    

She finally understood. She understood what was inside of her. She was a light, just like the ones in the sky. Those four lights that guided her to her destiny. But she was different. She didn't belong in the sky, with the others. She belonged on the earth. She need to walk the earth and cleanse it of any negativity with her light. Once this is done, she can rebuild it the way it was meant to be.    

Love, peace, kindness, hope. Hope. That was what the world needed, and the lights in the sky taught that to her with their compassion and power. With their songs and light.    

She was the brightest light. She had a purpose in this world, and she knew that in order to make the change permanent, she needed to stay and do whatever she could.    

And that's what she did. She spread her light to others like her. To this day, she still walks the earth, fighting the darkness with her light, along with the other four lights in the sky.    

You may not see these five lights of power, but you will feel them. Close your eyes, listen to the song of the light. Breathe in and out. Look deep inside yourself and search for that light. Because you have it, deep within yourself, growing every day, with every struggle and obstacle. It grows stronger all the time. When the time comes to use your own light, you will know. You will understand your purpose and realize you are needed in this world, and to lose you would be disastrous. The world needs you to help cleanse the darkness. Will you fight? Will you listen to the song of the light and keep going?    

That young girl may have been the brightest light, but with you, there is the possibility to make that light brighter.   You are important. You are loved. We need you. Never give up.   

Hey you guys, that's it! I am really proud of this story, because it is actually my story. I've been battling depression for a really long time and this is something that has effected my life greatly. When I found 5 Seconds of Summer, they became my light. The took me out of my depression and made me realize that I needed to get help. So, that's what I did. And now, I am still battling, but I can actually see the outcome in my favor. I know now, that I am needed and I can follow my dreams. I am loved and I am important. And so are you.

This is how 5 Seconds of Summer saved my life (in a more artistic way, or course, lol), and this is for everyone like me. I dedicate this story for everyone who struggles to fight and is on the brink of giving up.

Never. Give. Up

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