Billow Creek

Billow Creek was the ideal town for families. Everyone knew each other, and the town was safe and secure. That was until a murderer shows up in town and starts killing people. Panic spreads across the town, and people try hard to save their town. But the killer doesn't have a motive except killing each and everyone who lives in Billow Creek. Everything seems to be a nightmare | Jill Denver is in her mid-thirties, and she have grown rather tired of her stressfull life, and she decides to move to Billow Creek. She expects a calm and relaxing existence, but everything falls apart when people around the town is getting murdered. Jill is freightened, and she can't leave town. The murderer had made sure of that. So she goes to desperate measures. Will the killer eventually end up killing the whole town, or will he be the one getting killed?


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Deltager i "Netflix konkurrencen med valgmulighed 2. 

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