Billow Creek

Billow Creek was the ideal town for families. Everyone knew each other, and the town was safe and secure. That was until a murderer shows up in town and starts killing people. Panic spreads across the town, and people try hard to save their town. But the killer doesn't have a motive except killing each and everyone who lives in Billow Creek. Everything seems to be a nightmare | Jill Denver is in her mid-thirties, and she have grown rather tired of her stressfull life, and she decides to move to Billow Creek. She expects a calm and relaxing existence, but everything falls apart when people around the town is getting murdered. Jill is freightened, and she can't leave town. The murderer had made sure of that. So she goes to desperate measures. Will the killer eventually end up killing the whole town, or will he be the one getting killed?


2. Season one, episode 1: A calm existence does not exist.

Billow Creek

23 january 2016


Season one.
Episode 1: A calm existence does not exist.

Billow Creek had always been the calm and typical normal town. In fact the town had been so boring, that people actually moved to the bigger cities. Everyone knew each other, and people always gossiped if something or someone was acting out of the normal. 

Jill Denver just wanted a calm and relaxing existence. She had lived in the bigger towns whole her life, and her life had been extremely stressing. She just wanted to relax for now. Even though she was only in her mid thirties. 

A friend of hers had told her about Billow Creek. She had described the town with the words "boring" and "Long-way-from-everything," and that had gotten Jill's attention. That was exactly what Jill was searching for. She had been ecstatic, and she immediately searched for some houses right away. 

There was a lot of houses for rent, and Jill had found a nice looking house. It was baby blue, and it had a nice big garden. She could plant a lot of flowers, and she was allowed to have her dog with. She wouldn't sell her dog, they had been together since Molly was just born. Molly was a Golden Retriever. 

Jill's car made some uncomfortable noises, and even though she had the money for a new one, she couldn't sell this one. Her father gave her it, before he passed away. He was only sixty years old, he could've lived longer. The car was a classical pickup truck from Ford. It was blue. She had something for that color. 

Suddenly the car stopped. Jill said a lot of swearing words. Words that you wouldn't say in your mothers appearance, because then she would definitely scold you. 

"Dammit! I better start looking for new cars," she sighed, knowing that she couldn't keep that old car much longer. It would be the death of her. She kicked the car angrily, but then she regretted it. She couldn't just go around kicking her death fathers car, that was kind of morbid. 

Jill fumbled in her purse after her telephone. She needed to get someone pick her up, someone from that company she just signed up in. Sometimes she had the luck with her. If she had been procrastinating and waited with that call, she wouldn't have anyone to pick her up. 

She could barely see Billow Creek's town sign, but it was there out in the distance. A few hundred miles from her, she could easily walk there but she would never just leave her car. She had a lot of personal things in there, and she wasn't ready to say goodbye to her car. The car that have caused a lot of trouble for her. She should have sold it a long time ago, but she never did. 

"Hello it's Jill Denver. My car just stopped, and it is not working. I'm just outside of Billow Creek. Can you get someone to pick me up, and drive me to my new home?" Jill asked the person who had taken the phone.

The man talked to her about the adress, and soon after Jill hung up. He would make someone get her. She sighed in relief. 

She opened the car door and sat in the front seat again. How could she even be so unlucky, that the car stopped just now? It had worked for quite some days, and exactly this day it decided to turn on her? Stupid car logic.

She played with a strand of her hair absentmindedly. She was so worried, that she wouldn't fit in Billow creek. She was from the big town, and she had heard that people made rumors about people they meant did not fit in. She shouldn't be so worried, she was 34 for christ's sake!

She accidentally hit the room in the right side of the car. It opened up, and a picture album fell out. She looked at it, and sad memories came back in her head. Memories about her earlier life. Her ex-husband who cheated on her, and about the times when he was drunk. He became violent and he hit her. For some time she even blamed herself. But she knew better at some point. When he was out drinking she packed some stuff and ran away. She never saw him again. 

A little tear fell from her eye, and she quickly hid the album in the room again. She hadn't the heart to throw that out either, but she hated looking at it. It was just bad memories of a bad time in her life. So she had made the decision to just hide the album there. 

Suddenly she heard a big truck coming closer to her, and a relieved smile spread across her face. She stepped out of her car, and the truck came to a stop. The chauffeur opened the door and stepped out also. He walked over to Jill and looked questioningly at her. "Jill Denver?" he asked, and Jill nodded. 

Then he started getting the pickup truck on his truck, and after a while they were ready to drive. Jill had thought it took hours, but after one and a half hour precise they were done. 

The chauffeur drove her and her car to her new house. She looked disappointed at it. On the pictures it looked fresh and newly renovated, but she guessed it was old pictures. The house looked really old, and it looked like it would fall apart any time. 

"Thanks," she told the chauffeur after he had gotten the car down on the ground. He just merely nodded at her, and then he took of. She guessed it had been a long day from him, and she actually understood it. Normally she would be pissed off at him for his bad behavior, but she knew how he felt.

She gave the house another look, hoping it had changed in the few seconds she had looked away. Disappointedly she sighed again. This house would need a major reparation, and she didn't own the house. She could easily buy the house and renovate it, but she just wanted to relax for some time. 

She looked in the garden hoping that it looked better. Unfortunately it looked even worse. Old trash laid around the grass, and the grass was knee high. She immediately regretted renting this house, but she tried looking at it positively. 

Jill went over to her car once again, and she took out her stuff. She did not have a lot of things, because she wanted to buy new stuff for her new house. She lifted up her heavy stuff, and took it inside of the old house, letting it stay in the hallway. She would need to buy new stuff, but there was a madras in the house. It looked old and worned out like the rest of the house.

She decided to do come clean-up, and therefore she found a broom. She started cleaning up the floor, who looked like it really needed it. Those person who had loved here was really messy, and they probably didn't give a flying shit about all the mess.

After a couple of minutes she sat herself on the madras. The loneliness crept over her, and she hated it. She was so used to being in the big city, and now she had nothing, not even a daugther or a son. Not that she really wanted children at this point, no her life was to busy for children. 

She walked out to get some fresh air, and then she saw a bar close to her house. It looked like the whole city was in there, so she did the unthinkable: She went into the bar even though she previously had a drinking problem. She could handle it, she thought. 

People chattered all around the tables, but when Jill went inside the talk stopped. Every eyes landed on her, searching her for mistakes. When they didn't find anything at this point they gave up. People started talking again, and Jill breathed deeply in. She sure didn't knew that those people were so bad.

Jill found herself a nice looking couch where she sat herself, and suddenly a man sat beside her sending her a flirtatious smile. 

"You must be the new woman in town Jill, I presume?" He asked her, even though he knew he was right. She gave him a shy nod. His smile grew even bigger, and he handed her his hand. She took it confusingly, but realized he was going to introduce himself.

"Ethan McConners. I work as an policeman, but I'm not in my uniform as you can see," he introduced himself with a big smile.

Jill was surprised. He didn't look like a person who was a policeman. He looked more free and rebellious, but who was she even to judge? If he was a policeman, then he certainly as hell was a policeman, and damn good-looking for that matter.

"I'm surprised. I did not take you for a policeman. Well I'm having a year off, stress and all that," Jill told him. He raised a brow.

He suddenly walked over to the bar and ordered tequila's. Then he went over to Jill again and handed her a glass. She realized that it would be rude to say no, but she wouldn't want to end up having an alcoholic problem. She ended up taking the glass.

Ethan sat himself on the couch again, and then they talked about interest and life in general. Jill looked irritated at the glass wishing it away, but it was still in her hand. She gave in and toke a sip. The alcohol cherished her body like a long gone friend, and a smile formed on her lips.

"So why did you move to this shit-hole  of a city?" He asked curiously. Jill told him about her stressfull job, and how her doctor told her to relax. He just nodded.

She took another slurp of the Tequila, and the she downed the whole glass. She felt her mood beginning to be so much better, and Ethan noticed it too.

"Maybe you should take it slow, drinking buddy," he teased her, and she blushed a deep crimson red color. She really should take it slow, she hadn't had a single drink for ages. She decided to get a new drink anyway, not listening to her head. She hadn't had so much fun for this year, and now she would just party for this night.

She took some slow sips from her drink, but decided to just drink the whole liquid once again. Ethan gave her a worried looking, and he grabbed her arm taking her outside. She wasn't thinking at all, and that might be a big problem. 

"Listen Jill, you need to be sober, one drink wouldn't hurt but you downed two already! Terrible things are going to happen tonight, you might not remember this tomorrow but I'm more than a policeman. I'm working for CIA, and we had some suspicion about a person here in town, he's going to-" Ethan started to tell her, but was cut off by a pistol shot. 

Jill felt her body shake, and she was deadly scared. Someone might be dead this instant in the bar she was just in! She could've been dead for crying out loud! Tears fell out of her eyes, and she started to panic. She was going in denial. 

Ethan looked sadly at her, and then he went into the bar fast. He knew there was other policemen in there, and therefore he hadn't been in a hurry. It was also important that Jill was safe and sound. But he couldn't wait longer.

Jill sat herself on the ground with her back against the wall into the bar. Her hands shook, and she couldn't stop it. She thought everything was surrealistic, and she just wanted to go back in time. She hated knowing that someone probably was dead.

Ethan came out from the bar again. Jill looked hopefully at him, but his sad expression revealed him. "H-His dead, Jill. My partner, best friend and drinking buddy is dead," Ethan said slowly. He looked completely devastated.

"Everything is going to be okay," Jill tried to convince him and her, but her shaking hands told otherwise. Everything was not gonna be okay.


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