True Love

This is a Sparia fan fiction


5. Chapter 5

My heart pounded as fast like when you wake up from a horrible nightmare and this felt like a nightmare itself because who sent that text? And how did this person know that I liked Aria and why would this person threaten me?. All of these questions ran around inside my head and couldn't stop thinking until I heard my phone ring and it was Emily so I answered it. Should I tell her about Aria? Or maybe she already knows... "Spence are you there?" Emily said through the phone as I didn't answered for a while because I was too scared to tell her anything. "Yes, I'm here. What's up?" I asked like nothing was wrong. "Can I come over and borrow your chemistry book? Because I forgot mine in the classroom" "Of course." "Thanks. I'll be at your place in ten minutes" "Great" She ended the call and I was very relieved that she just wanted to borrow a book. But I probably have to tell her about Aria before that anonymous person does. I drove as fast as I could to my house, parked the car and went inside and found my chemistry book. Someone knocked on the door and iit was probably Emily so I ran down the stairs and gave the book to her. "Spence can we talk for a minute" She asked "Of course what's wrong?" I had a feeling that Emily might know about me and Aria and I was freaking out. "Let's go out in my car and talk" We walked to her car and sat down in it. "Youre scaring me Fields" I sighed "I got a text from anonymous person about - about Ben cheating" "He would never do that to you Em." I tried to calm her down "That's what II thought so I asked him over the phone and he practically admitted it" A tear streamed down her face "I'm so sorry Em. He's a bitch and it's not your fault" I tried to comfort her "I know but I really liked him" "I know. Did he say why?" "He said he cheated because we hadn't have sex yet and apparently he couldn't wait" "That's evil. I will punch him in the face tomorrow" "You don't have to. I told him about the text and it was signed -A. And the girl he's been cheating on me with is named Alice and she ends her messages like that. So she probably sent it. And then he begged me to come back because he was going to end the relationship with Alice since she sent that text" "You're not going back to him right?" I asked nervously "Of course not. I don't want to see him again ever." "Can I do something?" "No, because now I'm driving home and having a hot date with your chemistry book." "Em, You are going to find someone some day who loves you for who you are." "Thanks Spence. You really are my best friend" "You're mine too" I grinned and hugged her tight before stepping out of the car. Maybe this anonymous person was Alice. Ugh I feel so bad for Emily. No one and especially not Emily deserve to be cheated on. I wish that I could do something for her. I still need to tell her about Aria and I'll tell her tomorrow at school.
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