True Love

This is a Sparia fan fiction


4. Chapter 4


I woke up and I took on my clothes and walked down to get breakfast, which I did not want to because my sister is sleeping here with her fiancé Ian who is a total creep. Once, he tried to hit on me and I told him to stop but he kept flirting anyway and as I walked away from him, he grabbed my ass while he called me his honey bear. - I hate him, but my mom and dad think he is just perfect and so does my sister of course. 

”Morning sunshine” My mom grinned and gave me a cup of coffee. 

”Morning ” I grinned, took my coffee and I looked over at Ian and Melissa, they just sat there holding hands and it was so disgusting to look at. 

”Spence Ian and I have decided to move the wedding. We are already having it this month because – we wanted it to be surprise, but we are pregnant actually” She grinned and looked deeply in to Ian’s eyes and he kissed her and he looked directly back at me and gave me a weird face. 
”I didn’t know guys could get pregnant” I teased them.

”It’s not funny Spencer” Melissa snarled at me
”Sorry, but I’m happy for you Melissa, congrats” I went over to her and hugged her. As I hugged her Ian grabbed my ass without my parents noticing it. What should I do? Should I scream at him to make him stop? - I didn’t scream I just let go of Melissa and took my bag and went to school and my mom pretty much yelled at me to eat some breakfast as I walked out of the door. - But I didn’t felt like eating right now. Because all I could think of was that poor child, it is going to get such a creepy dad. Maybe I should tell Melissa before the baby pops out?. - Change of subject, I’ve been thinking a lot about that new girl, Aria she seems really nice and sweet and I’m proud of myself that I had the courage to ask her out. I’m bisexual, well I think so because my first real crush was on my best friend Emily and we secretly flirted and dated but then our friend Alison caught us and we felt embarrassed and she manipulated us to end the relationship, But eventually I ended up with a guy called Alex but the relationship only lasted for a couple of months. Emily found this guy Ben, who she’s still dating. My feelings for Emily are totally gone, because yeah it was three years ago and now my crush is on Aria. But I don’t even know if she’s straight or not. I’m really excited to hear her story.

As I parked my car outside of the school I saw Emily and she came running over to me because she wanted to walk with me to class. My first lesson is history, which I have together with Emily. 

”So should we go to ‘the brew’ after school, I finally have some free time after school” Emily asked as we walked in to the school

”I can’t, I probably have to help my sister because she and Ian are having their wedding in this month because Melissa is pregnant” I lied. I don’t feel good about lying but it just felt so weird to say that I was going on a date with a girl when the last girl I dated was Emily. 

”wow, but you have to tell Melissa about the incident with Ian”
”I know, but how do I tell her?” I said as we walked in to the classroom. 

“I’m sorry Melissa your fiancé is a pedophile” Emily teased and we both started to giggle because the whole situation just seemed so unrealistic. We sat down and the lesson began. 

The time went very slow through the history lesson and through my next lesson and at lunch I sat eating with Emily at our usual spot. After that I finally had my English lesson. I told Emily goodbye in the classroom and waited for her to walk out of the classroom so she wouldn’t see me together with Aria. A few seconds later I walked out and Aria stood outside of the classroom and we walked together over to my car and we drove to the brew. We ordered a coffee and sat down in a couch where we drank our coffee. 

”So, Aria what’s your story?” I asked as we sat down in the couch

“Well you know most of it” Aria grinned and seemed to be a little bit shy

“Do you date anyone? Or what about your family?”

”Well, I’m not dating right now but I dated someone when I was in Iceland for a year actually. It was a she actually and her name was Rose and she was nice and all that but we broke up because we both knew that we wouldn’t be together after I moved to America”
”You must really miss her then” 
”I don’t know - I’m not missing her that much anymore and she lived there with her family and they were also moving back to China where she came from so our relationship is definitely over.” She sighed.
”I’m sorry to hear that” I said in a consolingly way. What are the odds? Aria really is gay? That’s great but if she still loves that girl Rose I don’t want to ruin anything. 

“It’s okay, I’m fine” She grinned and I smiled back. She took a sip of her coffee and then we sat talking about for at least an hour more and she talked about living in Iceland and about her family. I also told her about my family and I also told that I’m bisexual and in that moment I told her that I was bisexual she smiled at me and looked me in the eyes deeply like she wanted to know more about me. Is she in to me? I hope she is. After we had been talking for at least two hours I had promised to drive her home so I drove her home.

“I don’t know about you but I had a lot of fun today” Aria grinned as I had parked my car outside of her house.

“Me too, do you want to do it again?” I grinned
“Yeah that would be great, I would really like that” She grinned

“Well after I’ve helped you with math on Saturday we could go to a restaurant a little outside of Rosewood, it’s really nice It’s a small Italian restaurant but not too expensive”
“That sounds like a good plan” She grinned
“Great” I grinned and hugged her goodbye. I watched her go inside and the only thing I could think about was Aria. As she walked inside my phone vibrated and I looked at my phone, to see who had texted me. And the text was from an anonymous person:

”Maybe the new girl is your soulmate? Let’s see what your friend Emily feels about that – A”


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