True Love

This is a Sparia fan fiction


3. Chapter 3

The next day went very slow, I had history with the blond girl Hanna I said hi to her as I walked in to the classroom and she sat talking with a dark-haired girl but she just looked at me and smiled, I smiled back but it was awkward, why didn't she just say hi?. Maybe she's just a bitch and that's why Emily and Spencer aren't friends with her anymore?

There were two lessons left, which were spanish and the second one was chemistry. In chemistry I worked together with a guy called Noel Kahn and at first I thought he was just being friendly but after a while started to be very interested in my life, and maybe too interested. I didn't know he was flirting but at the end of the lesson he grabbed my shoulder and asked me out on a coffee date  after school. And that's how I knew he had flirted with me. "I can't" I answered to his proposal. "Damn, He must be a very lucky guy" Noel smirked.

"I don't have a boyfriend" 
"Why don't you want to have coffee with me then?"
"I don't like guys, I like girls"
"No way, you are just too pretty to be gay" he smirked "But  please call me if you should turn straight" he said in a teasing way. "I don't think that it will happen anytime soon" I said and walked out from the classroom and I was on my way to the locker.

"hi, Aria?" Someone asked from behind me. 

"Yeah" I turned around and it was Hanna standing there. 

"I'm sorry about yesterday and today, I'm just having a tough time lately"

"It's okay it wasn't that bad"

"Please, just take my apology because I really regret how I acted"

"Okay then" I said

"Emily is a good friend you are happy that you met her because she's great"  she grinned

"Why aren't you friends with her then?" It came out of my mouth in a totally wrong way.

"It's complicated and I need to go now" She said and ran off

I'm happy that she apologized but why would she suddenly give me an apology?. I took the stuffs that I needed from my locker and went to the library to meet Spencer

"Hi" Spencer smiled as I came to the table and grabbed a chair. 

"So how was your second day?" she asked curiously

"It was good"

"I heard about the situation in Biology yesterday, I'm so sorry, it must have been awkward for you"

"Yeah it was, what happened between them, no offense"

"It's actually between Hanna, Emily and me.. Hanna has not always been like that, she has been bullied, and she was our friend." She paused, looking for the words to use "It was as our common friend moved away Hanna changed. She began to wear expensive clothes, she got thin, became popular and bitchy"

"I'm sorry to hear that -  but did she become a bitch just because your friend moved away?"

"Yeah.. Actually our friend was Alison DiLaurentis, so she didn't moved she disappeared two years ago, as you maybe know" 

"I'm so sorry to hear that"

"It's not your fault and to be honest I've changed for the better since she disappeared, because I would not want to be the person I was two years ago"

"I'm still sorry"

"Thanks but we should probably  get started" she grinned

"Yeah absolutely"

Alison DiLaurentis was a girl who lived in Rosewood, I knew that but I didn't know she was friends with Spencer, but how could I know? I feel bad for her because it must be hard to not know where her friend is and if she's alive or not. 

"Thank you so much you have already helped me a lot" I grinned
"I'm happy to help, Do you want to meet for a cup of coffee tomorrow after school?"
"Yes I would really like that where should we meet"
"There is this great coffee shop called 'The brew' but we have English together as the last lesson tomorrow so I was thinking that we could walk together to the brew?"
"Yeah, that's a good idea, see you tomorrow" I grinned and walked away, I'm freaking happy right now because I can't believe Spencer actually asked me out!!

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