True Love

This is a Sparia fan fiction


2. Chapter 2

I went to my lesson, which was biology and I got to the classroom way too early. Therefore I just sat down and thought about the brunette girl. There was something special about her, I don't know what it was but I really like her because she's really pretty, she seems like a nice and clever girl. I'm really looking forward to meet her tomorrow because I would really like to get to know her. But what if she isn't in to me, I mean that maybe she is straight and not in to girls as I am. I don't have feelings for the brunette but if I get to know her better I might get feelings for her.

Someone said my name as I was sitting and thinking deeply. It was Emily who stood in front of my table and waved at me. 

"Are you okay?" She asked curiously.

"Yeah I'm fine I was just thinking about something – How was the swim meet?" I asked

"Oh, Our trainer just introduced us to a new member of our team"

"How was she or he?" 

"She seemed nice" She grinned and the lesson started

"Hi my name is Mr. Walsh and I'm your biology teacher. I've had many of you before the summer break and I know many of you are new here to Rosewood High. Therefore we will do some repetition, today. You need to make a group of three people and then together make a presentation about a subject that you get. I have a box filled with different biological concepts. One from each group will come up and pull a concept and you will present it to the rest of the class next Monday." 

"Should we do it together?" Emily asked me and I said yes of course, she went up and took a concept. 

"We got the concept cell division" She grinned as she came to my table and she grabbed her chair and sat next to me. We started talking about what cell division was and suddenly a blond girl came storming in to the class.

"Ms. Marin you are late again! please be on time this year" The teacher said and the blonde just rolled her eyes. "You can join.. These two" He said and pointed at Emily and me. The blonde girl rolled her eyes and walked towards us.

"Hi Emily" She said and sighed

"HI" She said and I also said hi but the blonde girl just grabbed a chair and sat down texting.  After a while Emily took her phone out of her hands  "Hanna stop it, okay? We need to work on this project, we pulled cell division.."
"Who cares how cell divides? It just does. – You two can talk about it" The blonde interrupted
"NO because this is group work" 
"I don't care"
"Han, please....... we used to be friends"

"Yeah we used to but not anymore" 

"Is there a problem?" The teacher came and interrupted the conversation.

"Yeah Hanna doesn't want to collaborate" Emily said

"I see that. Hanna if you want to graduate and get an actual life you need to start collaborate, okay? You didn't collaborated at all last year, please do yourself a favour and collaborate because if you don't you will get kicked out and I don't want that to happen for you, because you have been through so many bad things, please don't let that bring you down" The teacher said

"I'll try to collaborate but I just don't want to do it with Emily" The blonde sighed

"You need to – I get why you two aren't friends anymore but you need to do it and plus you're not alone because Aria is in the group too" He said and looked at me,  I smiled a bit, mostly because it was a awkward situation because I had no idea of what was going on

He walked away and Hanna started texting again so Emily and I just did the work by ourself. "We probably need to meet and prepare, right, when do you guys have time?" Emily asked

"I'm free almost everyday, except for tomorrow after school" I said
"What about Sunday?" Emily suggested
"Yeah that's fine by me" I said

"Okay, I'll try to make it but I'm not sure I can make it" The blonde made an annoyed face

"It's okay Han if you don't feel like it you don't have to show up" Emily said and the blonde didn't answer and she just stood staring at nothing.

"I need to go now, bye" I said and went home but I couldn't stop thinking of what the problem between Emily and the blonde girl was, it seemed like a serious deal. I wanted to ask but that would be rude of course.


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