True Love

This is a Sparia fan fiction


1. Chapter 1

Aria's POV  

I'm really nervous about being back in America, because everything is so different from Iceland. My mom is becoming a teacher at Rosewood High School so she needed to come a half hour before the classes started, which was good because then it was easier for me to find the room where I should have my first lesson. She drove me and my brother to school and while I sat in the car I thought of how I should introduce myself so I had the same sentence going on and on in my head: "My name is Aria Montgomery, I'm a senior student. I've just moved back to America from Iceland, where I lived with my family for five years."

 As I came in to the classroom I stood for a while and wondered about where I should sit. If I sat in the back people could think that I was shy and maybe even reserved, which I couldn't have people thinking of me. If I sat in the front people would think of me as a total braniac, which I'm not, so I decided to sit down on the third row. I was really nervous and every second felt like an hour. Finally someone came in, some cheerleaders and jocks, who didn't seem to notice me which was fine by me because I'm not really a jock or a cheerleader. More and more people came in and I just looked around and waited for the lesson to start. Finally the lesson was over and my next lesson was English, which is my favorite lesson. I walked around and couldn't find the classroom and every time I looked at the number of the classroom, I bumped in to someone and dropped my stuffs, as I turned around.

In a moment I finally thought that I had found the correct classroom but it wasn't and I turned around and bumped in to a tall brunette.

"I'm so sorry" I said and took up my stuffs from the ground as fast as I could

"Oh, it's okay. Are you new here on Rosewood High?" the brunette asked.

"Yeah, I moved here together with my family, this summer. We lived in Iceland before" I said and smiled at her. I noticed her pretty eyes and a small birthmark she had on her cheek.

"Welcome to America then, I'm Spencer Hastings" The brunette introduced herself.

"Aria Montgomery and I've actually lived in America before but we moved to Iceland five years ago"

"Welcome back home then." She grinned

"Thanks.. Do you know where Mr. Fitz's English class is?"

"Yes, I'm in his class actually we can walk together to it" She said and I walked with her. 

"Did you and your family live in Rosewood before you went to Iceland" She asked as we walked towards the classroom

"We lived in a another small town outside of Philadelphia." I answered as we got in to the classroom. She sat down in the first row and I decided to sit behind her and the lesson begun.

The lesson ended and I took my stuffs and got up. 

"Hi Aria do you want to come sit with me and my friend, Emily at lunch? It's never fun to sit alone, especially not on your first day" Spencer asked me as the lesson was over and of course I said yes and went with her.

We walked towards a table where a dark-haired girl sat and Spencer waved at her. "Hi Em, this is Aria she's new to Rosewood High" she told the dark-haired. "Hi I'm Emily, nice to meet you and welcome to Rosewood" Emily said as I sat down and I told her my name and told the same to her as I had told Spencer. As I was about to ask them about something Emily got up from the bench and seemed to be stressed about something.  

"I need to go now, there is an emergency swim meeting now, so I really need to go, bye and it was nice meeting you Aria" She grinned and ran off before I got to say bye.

"She's a swimmer?" I asked Spencer

"Yeah she's also the captain of the team, she's really good" Spencer grinned

"Do you swim too?" I asked curiously. "No, but I'm in the debate group and on the field hockey team" She answered. We talked about that for a while and as there was five minutes back of the break I got up "Well I need to find out where my next lesson is, It was really nice to meet you" I smiled at her. 

"Nice to meet you too, and if you need any help with tutoring with some subjects I can do it" She said, which was really nice of her to say because I actually needed a tutor for math.

"I could use some help for math, maybe?" 

"Of course, I can help you tomorrow at the library? " 

"Yes that would be fine" I grinned and went to my next lesson.

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