THERE IS STILL NO STORY!!! *Sequel to There Is No Story*

Back again, I see.


11. =

Once upon a time there was a girl only 12 years old and when she went to school one day her friends told her she should watch this show called Supernatural and then she should also create a tumblr account too. Making a tumblr account was a really really bad idea.    



She saw many...things that would scar the mind of any twelve year old.  


Sapphire Moosechester:  

 Even the fanfiction was horrid!  


c'mon,smile!its easy,see?:  

But there was a single bright light in the horrid,horrid,horridness:

Funny supernatural posts.  


   Lone Soldier:  

And she fell to the ground, laughing, and decided to watch Supernatural.  


c'mon,smile!its easy,see?  

Once she started watching supernatural,she instantly fell in love with it.
And once she watched enough episodes to find the beautiful gem,Castiel,she fell in love with him too.  



One day, she saw a large figure flying through the sky, and she knew it was Castiel coming for her.  


Sapphire Moosechester : 

the love the girl had for Castiel grew as she saw him descended to the ground.  



"Hey babe, how's it going?" Castiel said, grinning.  


Sapphire Moosechester:     

"I always knew you would come." Said the girl with a smile.  



"Yeah, I was sent to kill you. Bye bye," he says, dropping her into a volcano.  


Sapphire Moosechester:      

"NOOOO!" the little girl screamed a thousand echoes.

And that children is why you should never make a tumblr account EVER!!! ​  


Me: *claps loudly* Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!    

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