THERE IS STILL NO STORY!!! *Sequel to There Is No Story*

Back again, I see.


7. .

Sapphire Moonchester: I'm still here because I'm a creepy stalker. I'm also here because I WANNA BE A UNICORN OUT OF PEPPER JACK CHEESE AND ICE CREAM RAINBOW SPRINKLES *turns into a potato. Laughing evilly, I then roll off into the sunset*

Me: Ummm....You know what? I'm not even gonna ask.


Storm-wolf: I'm still here because...

Wait for it...









Wait for it!!!

































Drum roll please...



Are you still there...?







Me: The story genie...I mean, NO story genie, still hates you.


Galaxy Kitty: I'm still here because if I leave then you go crazy and nobody wants that because we like you best when you're crazy but not too crazy and if I leave then you will get too crazy...

Me: Okay, there was a lot more than that, but...yeah. It's confusing. Trust me.



I'm still here because I have to do something to pass my time while I wait for my favorite YouTubers to notice me, plus, I read the title, and I thought, maybe there is a story, just hidden underneath the exterior, and it will be beautiful, just like Michael Clifford. (okay well this went downhill fast. you like? no? okay bai)

Me: Sorry, but no, there is no story. Even if there was, it's beauty could not possibly match that of Michael Clifford's. *heart eyes*


c'mon,smile!its easy,see?:

I'm still here because I'm waiting for the storybird to fly down and then poop on your head.

Me: *grins evilly* I killed the story bird!!! MWAHAHAHAH!!!!

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