It's a very strange feeling.

Nogen havde skrevet ''It's a very strange feeling'' på min klasses tavle og det gav mig ideen til det her.


2. Mornin' Dear.

It was Thursday. Still only 6:00 in the morning.

30 minutes then i'll get up.. Alice mumbled to herself.

Those 30 minutes passed by in no time.

- Allie! Get up! Her father called from downstairs.

Alice got up from bed and walked with heavy steps down the stairs. Puma, her cat, rubbed it's head against her leg and meowed.

- Go away.. She pushed the cat away with her leg and walked into the kitchen.

- Mornin' Dear. Her father said. Alice had a feeling that this had happened before. No doubt! This definately happened before. Oh yeah.. It happened yesterday. Alice sat down at the table and shoved some egg onto her plate. She poked it a little with her fork and then started eating. After she ate her breakfast she got over to the counter and took a mug of coffee. As she sat down it happened. The Deja-vu. For a moment she felt like she fell into a trance and re-experienced it again. This excact coffee, this excact mug, excactly this time and excactly this place. She shook her head and drank her coffee.

- Hey Dad, can you drive me to school today?

- Why don't you take the bus?

Alice rolled her eyes and gave her dad The Death Stare.

- Maybe because none of my friends take the bus anymore? No one from 8. grade in primary school and up wanna take that bus..

- And why not?

- Because they all have their own car Dad! Their own Drivers License!

Alice had begged for a car the last few years. Her dad told her she wasn't old enough. She was! She could take care of herself! Alice had always been a stubborn girl. She was very indepent. 

- I gotta go! Her dad said and kissed her forehead.

Alice rolled her eyes.

- I'll be back at 5:00 this evening Dear. He said

Alice waved out the window and rested her head on her hand. She was after all just an ordinary 18 year old.

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