Breaking free. (Done)

Hi, my name is Blair Gates. I’m a 16 years old girl with long brown hair and green eyes. I have a mother and a father, but I don’t see them very often. At the moment I live at a private school for rich girls, but it’s more like a prison. I haven’t been outside of the school gates since my parents dropped me off her 3 years ago. They come to visit on my birthdays and when I win a price. So I always try my best to be perfect at everything.
(A 5 seconds of summer fan fiction)


10. Chapter 8. Going on tour.

I woke up in my bed, how did I get here?

I walked down stairs and into the kitchen, all the boys where there and eating there breakfast.

“Good morning.” I said with a yawn, I felt like I could still be sleeping.

“Good morning.” Ashton answered, the other boys looked as tired as me. I ate my breakfast and then went up to my room to pack, it took a good 3 hours but I did it.


“Are you ready, we need to get the bags in the taxi?” Luke asked,

“Yes I’m almost ready.” I said closing my last subcase and handing it to Luke. We both walked outside where a taxi or more like a black mini van was waiting for us. There where one seat in the front, where Ashton sat, Two seat with a walkthrough in the middle, where Michael and Calum sat, and then there where three seat in the back, where Luke was sitting and I was laying with my head on his lap almost asleep.


“Blair? Good morning. We are here.” I hear Luke whisper in my ear,

“Just 5 more minutes, wait where is here?” I said and sat up.

“We are in the airport.” Luke said, the thing is a have never been on a plane before and the thought of being so fare up in the sky is not too pleasing.

“You didn’t say we where going with plane.” I said feeling myself starting to panic a bit.

“Are you scared of flying.” He asked,

“No, I’m scared of the plane not flying.” I said, I saw a hint of a smile on Luke’s lip,

“Hey. It not funny!” I said, hitting he’s shoulder.

“Aw don’t be mad.” He said and hugged me from the side.

“If it makes you feel better then the scary part for you should be the fans.” Luke said and I froze,

“Where is she?” I heard a voice I know really well.

“BELLS!” I yelled and jumped out of the van,

“BLAIR!” She yelled back and we hugged.

“What are you doing here?” I asked and let go of her.

“The boys invited me to come with them!” She said and then we where hugging and jumping. I let go and turned to the boy.

“I love you guy.” I said and made a group hug.

“We love you too,” Michael said for all of them.

“Are you ready to go in?” Luke asked and I took Bells hand.

“Yes, we are ready.” I said and stared walking toward the fan that was screaming when they saw the boys, but they still didn’t know me.

“Who are you?” A fan asked.

“My name is Blair.” I answered.

“Are you two a couple.” a girl asked pointing at Bells and I, we laughed.

“No, she’s my best friend.” I answered.

“What are you to the boys?” A new fan asked and I looked at Ashton, he saw my look and came over.

“Hi, what wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing I just don’t know what to answer.” I said.

“What was the question?” He asked.

“I just asked what she was to you guys and I love you Ash.” the fan said and Ashton looked at me.

“Well, I’m Blair’s Cousin and she is living with all of us.” Ashton said, he was really good at this. After this he returned to the boys.

“I’m going inside now, they don’t care about me anyways. But you should stay out a bit more, you will be okay.” Bells said, giving me a hug before leaving.

“It must be so hard for the boys, having to take care of her. I mean look at her, how can people not bully her?” A fan laughed and her friend agreed.

“I’m sorry you feel that way, but could you maybe tell me that to my face instead of talking behind my back. It’s not really nice.” That was what I had been told to say I situations like this.

“Sure, I can tell you now.” She said with an evil smile and her friend looked scared.

“You are, ugly, fat, you talk like a robot and what is it with that dress are you trying to look like a doll, because you look like a slut and… OMG I love you guys, you’re so perfect and hot and awesome.” She continued but I focused at Luke.

“Are you okay? Did this fan say something mean to you?” He asked pointing at the girl and that made her stop in her tracks. Should I tell him? No.

“No not at all, she was really nice to me.” I smiled, it was fake but I did it.

“Thanks for being nice, it means a lot to us.” Ashton told the fan and the others nodded in agreement.

“We are going to the plane now.” Calum said and I nodded following then. I didn’t look back.

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