Breaking free. (Done)

Hi, my name is Blair Gates. I’m a 16 years old girl with long brown hair and green eyes. I have a mother and a father, but I don’t see them very often. At the moment I live at a private school for rich girls, but it’s more like a prison. I haven’t been outside of the school gates since my parents dropped me off her 3 years ago. They come to visit on my birthdays and when I win a price. So I always try my best to be perfect at everything.
(A 5 seconds of summer fan fiction)


5. Chapter 4. Meeting the devil.

The taxi ride wasn’t long enough and soon I was driving trough the gats, I was back. I stepped out of the car and stood face to face the devil, my uncle.

“Hallo Blair, long time now see.” he said with an evil smile.

“Hallo uncle.” I said trying my hardest not to let an emotions show.

“Okay, if you are ready then lets leave.” he said, he walked toward his car and politely opened the door for me.

“Thank you.” I said and got into the car. He walked around the car and got in himself. My bags had already been put in the car so he stared the car and with that we left.


We had been sitting in silence for 5 minutes when he putted his hand on my thigh, he was massaging in moving upward. I pushed of his hand off, dumb move.

“If I want to touch you I can, I own you remember? You little bitch.” he said stopping the car and slapped me hard. I placed my hand over my now hurting cheek and lips. I licked my lip and tasted blood from my lip, but he just stared the car again and replaced his hand on my thigh.


The second the car stopped I jumped out, I was ready to run, but the gats where already closed. I saw him get out of the car, he was laughing.

“So you really though I would be stupid enough to let the gats stay open.” he said and with out knowing I nodded.

“So you got yourself an attitude, lets see what we can do about that.” He said and pulled my hair making my lose my balance and fall to the ground, I let out a sound of pain and I looked at my ankle, it was hurting really badly.

“Get up!” he said and I flinched, I tried to get up as pain shot trough my ankle but ended up falling back down.

“A said ‘get up!” He repeated himself, and took my wrist and yanked me to my feet.

“Go to your room, I don’t want to look at your ugly face.” he said and I stared running toward my room, I still remembered where it was. I opened the pink door with my name on it and sat on a pink king size bed. I looked at my desk and saw a letter and took it. It said Blair on the front.


Dear Blair.

If you are reading this then, I’m so so sorry.

I hope you will forgive me.

I never wished for you to stay in that house.

My time is running out but hopefully this will help you.

Love mom.


A new piece of paper fell out and I opened it, it was her testament. And it said that I should stay with Ashton, I felt happy tears run down my face. My happiness was stopped by the sound of footsteps and quickly hide the letter. He would destroy it if he knew about it. The door opened and in stepped my uncle. He walked toward me and stopped when he was close enough for me to smell his breath that stank of cigarettes and alcohol.

“Why do I have a guy called Ashton calling 24/7 asking if he can get you back or see you?” he asked holding my face so I couldn’t look away.

“He is the guy a stayed with before coming here.” I answered.

“I see, then you can have one conversation with him, but only to tell him to stop calling Me.” he said and I nodded, I got out my phone.

“And I will be taking your phone afterward.” he said and left.


I quickly dialled the number and Ashton answered on first ring.

“Blair?” he asked and I nodded forgetting that he couldn’t see me.

“Yes, it’s me.” I quickly said.

“I was only allowed to have this one call to tell you to stop calling, and then he will take my phone.” I said.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“No. Can you please help me?” I asked.

“Of course! Just tell me what to do?” Ashton said sounding desperate. I told he the address and heard footsteps.

“Record this.” I whispered as uncle opened the door.

“Time is up!” he said.

“Just one more minute, please.” I said

“Do you want me to repeat myself.” he said getting angry. I pretended to hang up the phone and putted it on the table.

“What did you tell him?” he asked,

“To not call me or you, as you asked.” I said,

“Is that all you said?” he stepped closer to me.

“Y-yes.” I said, he slapped me and I let out a cry of pain as his hand hit the same spot as before.

“What did you say!” he said pulling me up by the hair.

“Ash please help me!” I begged, my uncle let go of me and went to my phone. He threw it into the wall and it shattered.

“No one will help you! Why would anyone want to help you?” he said walking toward me.

“You are fat! Ugly! Worthless! How could anyone ever love you?” he said kneeling down to my level.

“You don’t even deserve to live.” he whispered in my ear,

“I’m sorry.” I said.

“Your sorry? That’s all?” he said and started kicking and punching me.

“I will show you sorry.” he said and was only stopped when a police car was heard. I stared crying of joy, they where going to save me.

“You did this!” he yelled and was about to hit me again but a policeman stormed through the door and pulled him of me. Another policeman came toward me.

“Are you Blair?” he asked and I nodded.

“I found her!” he yelled and Aston, Luke, Calum and Michael all came running in.

“Blair!” Ashton said hugging me tight.

“We need to get her checked at the hospital.” The policeman told the boys and they nodded. Ashton lifted me up and walked to the car.

“I’m sorry Blair.” he said.

“Yeah, we should have tried harder to make you stay.” Calum said

“You even told us he would hurt you.” Luke said

“It’s okay guy, you didn’t know. You couldn’t have known.” I said


An ambulance was waiting for me outside and Ashton placed me on the bed inside the ambulance.

“Wait, can one of you go get my mothers testament? It’s in the desk in the room where you found me.” I said and Michael nodded.

“Sure I will go get It.” he said.

“And me and Calum will get you other things.” Luke said and then they left, but Ashton stayed with me.

“We are going to give her some painkillers and the may make her a bit tired.” a man told Ashton and soon after the pain stopped and I fell asleep.

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