Breaking free. (Done)

Hi, my name is Blair Gates. I’m a 16 years old girl with long brown hair and green eyes. I have a mother and a father, but I don’t see them very often. At the moment I live at a private school for rich girls, but it’s more like a prison. I haven’t been outside of the school gates since my parents dropped me off her 3 years ago. They come to visit on my birthdays and when I win a price. So I always try my best to be perfect at everything.
(A 5 seconds of summer fan fiction)


14. Chapter 12. Stay or go?

“But I already have a family.” I whispered,

“They are not your real family, not by blood.” Jack said. Was he getting mad about this? We just meet.

“You aren’t my family by blood either.” I said and he looked shocked.

“But he is.” He said pointing at Jacob.

“Family is more then just blood and I have to go.” I said and got up, but Jack grabbed my arm.

“You could at least give us a chance. He waited 15 years to see you and your going to leave after 10 minutes of talking?” He said making me feel bad. Why is he doing this?

“I need to think, this is all to much right now.” I said but he didn’t let go.

“Jack, let her go.” Jacob spoke up and Jack did as told, but he wasn’t happy.

“Fine.” He said and got up walking away.

“I’m sorry, this wasn’t what we were expecting to hear.” Jacob said and I nodded turning away and walking to my room.


I opened the door and went to the living room where I found a paper note:


Hi Blair

You were asleep when I got home, but Ashton and Luke is in room 433 and Michael and Calum are in room 431.

Love Bells


“Thank you” I told Bells in my head and went to room 433, I knocked on the door once. There where no answer. Then I knocked again a little louder, I stared to hear footsteps and then Ashton was in the door. He had messy hair and he looked tiered, but he looked shocked when he saw me and without a word he pulled me into a hug.

“Do you want to come inside?” He asked and I nodded. He let go of me and I walked inside. The room looked the same as Bells and I’s.

“My room is here.” He told me opening a door that had the same colors as my room. I took a seat on the bed and Aston sat beside me.

“I got a letter today or it past 12 so yesterday.” I told him,

“What did it say?” He asked.

“It’s not really about what it said, it’s about who it was from… I was from my biological father.” I told him and he looked confused and in shock.

“I thought he died with your mother in the car crash?” He said.

“It turns out I was from an affair.” I said trying my hardest to keep the tears back.

“What did he want?” Ashton asked, see that he should be careful.

“I just meet him in the lobby 5 minutes ago, him and my step brother Jack. They want me to come live with them. They want us to be a family.” I said.

“And what do you want?” He asked in a soft voice.

“I want to stay ‘sob’ with you.” At this point I broke out crying and Ashton was quick to hug me and pull me onto his lap.

“It’s okay, you can stay.” he hugged me tight.

“C-Can you… sing for me?” I asked and he nodded.

“What song?” he asked,

“‪Blink 182 with I Miss you, please.” I whispered and he stared sing. I closed my eyes still crying, but opened them when a guitar and Luke’s voiced joined Ashton’s. Luke smiled at me and before the song ended I was asleep. 



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