Breaking free. (Done)

Hi, my name is Blair Gates. I’m a 16 years old girl with long brown hair and green eyes. I have a mother and a father, but I don’t see them very often. At the moment I live at a private school for rich girls, but it’s more like a prison. I haven’t been outside of the school gates since my parents dropped me off her 3 years ago. They come to visit on my birthdays and when I win a price. So I always try my best to be perfect at everything.
(A 5 seconds of summer fan fiction)


2. Chapter 1, my life just got turned upside down.


It is now six in the morning and I was getting ready when I heard a knock, I putted down the mascara I was about to put on and opened the door. My teacher miss Darcy stood in the door, she was a middle age woman with grey hair, and she somehow always looked tired.


“Good morning miss Darcy, what brings you here at this time?” I asked politely. Normally the teachers are eating at this time.


“Good morning Blair, I’m afraid that I have terrible news.” She answered without changing her face expression.


“Your parents where in and car accident.” She said and looked down the hall, like as if she didn’t really care. My mind went blank.


“C-Can I go see them?” I said looking up at her with hope in my eyes,


“I’m afraid that you can’t at the moment, and there is one more thing.” She said in a ‘matter of fact’ way, I really couldn’t take anymore right now, what else could she say to hurt me?


“Well, as you know you will be finishing school today, but since you can’t go home right now you will have to stay here till we find someone else to take you.” she said and I just nodded not trusting my voice. I felt so worthless right now.


“You are not expected to attend any class today due to the news.” she finished and closed the door behind her, great now I have all day to worry about my parents and she didn’t even say what condition they are in. They could be totally fine or they could be dead… No I won’t let myself thing like that.


I let myself fall back first into the bed. I turned my head to the side, so I was facing the window and looked out. My world was clashing, but the rest of the world just kept going as I always did.


“Pleas be okay.” I whispered. I didn’t feel like seeing anyone, I didn’t feel like eating, all a wanted was for my mother to hold me and say that it would bee okay. That she was okay. I ended up crying myself to sleep.




It was night time now and I’m lying in my bed holding the teddy bear close that my mother had given to me when I was little. I had my headphones in as well and the music was playing loudly and calming me down a bit, but not as much as I wish it would. I had my eyes closed and just listen to the lyric and sang along in my head, trying to forget it all.


Out off nowhere I heard a loud knock on the door, I quickly pulled off my headphones and ran to the mirror to check how I looked.


I fixed my make-up while saying,


“I will bee right there.” After taking one last look in the mirror I opened the door and there I saw miss Darcy with a guy standing behind her.


“Miss Darcy? What is going on?” I asked really confused.


“Blair meet Ashton, he is your cousin and you will be staying with him. Start packing you stuff.” She said, is she just going to send me of with this guy that I have never heard of before? I guess she is.


“Yes miss, I will be ready in 15 minutes.” I said and she nodded leaving Ashton standing in the door. He’s not much older then me, how can he take care of me?


“Hi.” he said with a big smile.


“I will be ready soon, you can take a seat if you want to.” I said pointing at a chair in the corner of the room and he nodded walking toward it. I got out my big purple subcase out and putted it on the bed, I careful putted all my clothes in it, while Ashton just stared at it like if he didn’t believe that a person could have that many dress. “WOW that is a lot of dress!” He said, I didn’t know what to answer. So I just sipped the subcase together and tried to take it of the bed, but it was too heavy. I think Ashton saw me struggle because he got up and lifted it off the bed.


“Here let my take it for me.” he said with a big smile,


“Thank you.” I said looking down not returning the smile, and started on the next subcase where I putted my shoes and make-up in. Soon I closed it and didn’t even have to try to lift it of the bed because Ashton took it and asked,


“Is this all?” I shook my head no,


“I have a backpack as well.” I said and got my backpack where I putted my headphones, my phone, my teddy, a purple candle that I got as a gift from my father, a lighter and my computer in it. I putted the backpack on my back and was about to take one of the subcases but Ashton stopped me and said,


“I got it.” I nodded and gave him a small fake smile,


“Thank you.” I said and with that we left the room. I didn’t look back.



As we got downstairs I saw people whisper and pointing at Ashton, but I guess that’s normal I mean it’s not like he is ugly.


“Blair.” A girl that had been like a sister to me yelled as she ran into my arm crying, “Please don’t leave me here.” she sobbed and ran it to my arms,


“I’m so so sorry, but I have to. I will miss you so much, but I have to go.” I said hugging her tight and I really didn’t want to let go.


“I will miss you more.” She said still not letting go and I was getting teary eyes. I didn’t want to cry in front of all these people, in front of Ashton.


“Please, you have to be strong.” I said but she didn’t let go,


“For me. please.” I said and felt her slowly letting go of me.


“Bye. Stay strong.” I said letting go and kissing her forehead.


“Bye.” she said and I quickly started walking toward the door before the tears could fall, till a hand on my shoulder stopped my.


“Hey, are you okay?” Ashton said with worry in his eyes,


“Of course I’m, but thank you for asking.” I said but inside I was breaking. This day was just too much.


He nodded buying my lie, everyone always do. We got to the car and I got in while Ashton putted my subcases in the trunk.



Soon we where both siting in the car and he started driving, this was really happening.


The gates opened and I saw the streets, the cars, the people, the pets, I was taking it all in. And somehow I ended up trying to look at everything at ones.


“Wow.” I whispered just looking out the window, I turned my head and saw Ashton looking at my with a sad look.


“What?” I asked,


“I was just wondering, how long is it since you where outside last time?” He asked, “Around 3 years I think.” I answered as if it didn’t matter, but I had counted the days. 3 year, 4 weeks and 2 days.


“3 years!” he said in shock and I nodded.


The rest of the drive was only awkward small talk.



We got to a normal size house, it looked a bit old but somehow I really liked.


“Home sweet home!” Ashton said as we stepped out of the car. Ashton ran up to the door and opened it.


“I will just get the luggage, but you can go look inside. You room is upstairs.” He said and went back to the car. I walked upstairs and found a purple door with paint on it saying:






I opened the door and found a purple room with a white desk, a white and purple king size bed and a big white closet. How did he prepare all of this so quickly? And how did he know I love purple? Or maybe this used to be the guest room? But the door, the paint was dry.


I putted me backpack on the desk, and soon Ashton showed up in the door with my subcases.


“I see you found the room.” He said with a big smile,


“Yes, thank you. If you don’t mind then I would like to go to bed now.” I said and he nodded. I had many questions, but I right now I just wanted to be alone.


“Well. Good night then.” he said giving me a hug, I just stiffened. What is he doing? I just meet him he is supposed to shake or kiss my hand.


“Are you okay?” he asked seeing that I didn’t hug him back.


“Yeah I’m good, good nigh.” I said and close the door. I let out a sigh and changed into my sleepwear.



I was lying in my bed when I started to hear 4 male voices. I know I’m not really supposed to, but I got up and sat on the stairs so I could hear the voices clearer.


“Where is she right now?” A male voice said.


“She is upstairs sleeping.” Ashton said, I remembered his voice.


“Did you tell her jet?” A new voice said. Tell me what?


“No. It not like I can you walk up to her and say that her parents are dead.” He said and I could help but let out a gasp.


“I think you just did.” A guy with blond hair and a lip pricing said, he was coming up the stairs toward me when Ashton ran to the stairs and saw me.


“I’m so sorry Blair, it shouldn’t have come out like that.” He said looking at me with a really sad look on his face, I quickly got up and ran to my room. I closed me door, “There is no lock! Are you serious!” I whisper-yelled, there where another door I’m my room and I guessed it leaded to the bathroom. I got my backpack and ran to the bathroom and locked the door. I heard a knock on the door to my room and I heard the door open.


“Blair! Where are you?” Ashton’s voice sounded like he was in a panic.


“Please leave me alone.” I begged feeling tears start to fall down, and I heard him trying to open the door.


“Please open the door Blair.” He had a pleading voice.


“How long have you known?” I asked holding the tears back.


“I week.” he almost whispered but I heard.


“That why I couldn’t see them.” I said to myself, I got up and slowly unlocked the door. Ashton let out I sigh of relief seeing that I was okay. I Saw 3 other boys standing behind him. I looked at the guy with blond hair, he was the one that saw me on the stairs.


“I’m so glad you are okay.” Ashton said hugging me, but I pushed him away and got my backpack walking downstairs. What was I doing right now? I wasn’t even mad at Ashton and it wasn’t his fault. I went outside to the garden and stopped in the middle of it and sat down,


“What I she doing?” One of the boys asked, they had been following me. I placed the candle from my backpack on the ground and light it. Then I got up.


“I’m sorry Ashton.” I said and opened me arms, he ran with tears in his eyes and hugged me. I let him hold all of my weight, I was to tired to even stand.


“I’m so sorry too.” He whispered and lifted me up bridal style.


“Let’s go to bed okay?” He said and I nodded, maybe he’s not so bad. But who are the other boys?

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