My heart is locked

This girl was from foster care whose brother was in the wind, then a stranger had taken her under his care. This stranger had started to have feelings for her after she came in his life.


8. Years later

About five years passed, I was with my brother but before I looked at my phone, I saw Joey and Seth, but I didn't want them to freak out, so I pretended to be interested in my phone which I was, but when Seth looked at me and said "Elina?" I answered with a huh hum, then Seth hugged me and said "you're so big," I was able smirk but then I just start bursted out laughing then said "I was afraid that you guys wouldn't recognize me," Seth kissed my forehead and hugged me also did Joey. I started crying but I knew that my tears werent sad tears but they were happy tears. My brother came to meet me at a joint place so I decided to invite Seth and Joey, so we waited for my brother, when he arrived and saw that I had accompany, he smiled and asked "Elina, who are these people?" I looked at him then answered "remember how I said that a couple had found me in the middle of the night, freezing to death," he nodded then I continued "this is the couple that kept me aafe and warm until I sense that danger was coming," he looked at the menu and told the waitress what he wanted, when she left, I said "Joey and Seth were the only one that kinda made me safe until I felt danger was coming closer and closer." The whole day, I explained what happened to me for the past five years then I looked at my brother then at both Joey and Seth, I could tell that there was tension between them so I said "Andrew please be kind to them if it weren't for them, I would probably be dead by freezing to death," he smiled and asked Seth "what do you like doing?" Seth was shocked then answered "I actually love working in the medical field, I'm a nurse at the children hospital." I smiled and asked Joey "Joey what do you like doing?" He blushed in embarrassed when Seth looked at but he answered "I love painting and drawing, but I just stay at home," when we were done eating and left the joint, Joey and Seth said at the same time "Love ya!" They saw me blushed for the first time and I hugged both of them, Andrew smiled like he liked the way I started blushing, when we came home, I said "danger is larking you know," Andrew's smile disappeared, he knew that I was right then he sighed and left while I was sleeping.

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