My heart is locked

This girl was from foster care whose brother was in the wind, then a stranger had taken her under his care. This stranger had started to have feelings for her after she came in his life.


5. Will our bond be broken?

The next morning, I woke ip and had seen that I fell asleep in the middle with both of my new guardians by my side, I moved and swurm my way out to make some breakfast. When they woke up and that I was cooking, they were surprised and super shocked that I was cooking breakfast. Before I turned around, a song on the radio was on, it was one of my favorites, I started singing and dancing to the beat. They started clapping and cheering for me, while we were eating breakfast, I asked "what's your guys names?" They had forgotten to introduce themselves since we just straight to sleep, one of the said "I'm Joey and this is my boyfriend, Seth," I said "since you and Seth are going to be my guardians for now, I need to tell you this," before I could say more, the door bell ranged, I was able to manage to hide in the closet. It was the social services, they looked around and asked where I was, then Seth answered "we are playing hide and seek," with a chuckled, then I started giggling. They went to the closet and opened it, I said "aw man, you guys found me," I smiled but my smile disappeared when I saw the social services, one of the worker asked "may we have a moment alone," Joey and Seth agreed and left to the bedroom, I knew something was going to happen then the worker grabbed my cheek and said "well you know that you won't be staying here, you know why," I tried to ignore her but then she said "just the same way that your last foster caretaker did." i stopped struggling then started crying, I said "its not true, they won't do that to me," she nodded her head and left. 

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