My heart is locked

This girl was from foster care whose brother was in the wind, then a stranger had taken her under his care. This stranger had started to have feelings for her after she came in his life.


4. They're going to care of me

When I saw how they were looked at me, then I said "just take me back home," they asked "Where's home?" Before I could answer, there was a bang on the door, then the social services came and said "Come on child," I screamed "NO!" They grabbed my arm then I started screaming, the guy said "Wait, we are willing to take care if her," but social services didn't listened, then I kicked one of the workers in the face and ran back ti the guy, hugging him and had my face was buried in his chest. They tried to take me away until I growled "BACK AWAY FROM ME BASTARDS!" They looked at me with full of fear, I can smell it, I can smell their fear and their scent. The social services had agreed to let me stay but only for a week and that they will keep a tab on us, making sure everything is good. When they left, both of the guys stared at me and asked "so what's your name?" I answered "Elina," they looked at each other and saw that there was a bond between us, yes there was.





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