My heart is locked

This girl was from foster care whose brother was in the wind, then a stranger had taken her under his care. This stranger had started to have feelings for her after she came in his life.


7. My sacrifice

When I said my goodbyes and thank yous, I disappeared, they tried to look for me until the social services came and saw that I was gone, they asked "where is the child?" Joey try to speak but he couldn't get it out like he couldn't say it. Seth and Joey was a little bit upset but Seth told them that he has to go to work, he kissed Joey and left. The worker smirked, Joey said "you think fucking funny, what the fuck is wrong with you?!" The workers stopped smirking and then looked at him with fear and worry, but it wasn't that they were scared of him but they were scared because of me. When I fell to my knees and said "unless you want to get hurt then I suggest you to stay but if not, then if I were you I'd leave now!" They outta of the apartment then Joey looked at me and saw that I was gone again, I went afrer the creatures who tried to hurt Joey and Seth, after I found their hideout but when I went inside and looked around the surrounding, then I heard a growl, but I was able to keep calm and have heart beat steady, when the creature said "you are such a beautiful creature instead being my prey," I smiled at the shadowy figure then answered "thank you but I might look like an innocent and sweet child but inside I'm deadly thing."The creature revealed itself, I couldn't recognize him but then I looked at him very closely then said "bye big brother," he was surprised to see his sister in front of him. Was he happy to see his little sister back home or was he going to kill me?

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