My heart is locked

This girl was from foster care whose brother was in the wind, then a stranger had taken her under his care. This stranger had started to have feelings for her after she came in his life.


6. Is our bond tight or was it just an act?

After the workers left, I stayed silent for awhile, when Joey saw that there was something bothering me, he didn't hesitate to ask "is something wrong?" I looked at him and shook my head violently, in the afternoon, we went out to grab a bite to eat, I didn't feel like eating anything, so Joey asked a kids meal, I didn't touch anything, but when Seth came home from work, it gotten to the point to where I started crying, Seth asked "hey why are you crying, Elina?" I didn't answer for a couple of minutes, then I finally answered "you're going to hurt me, then when you guys grow tire of me, you're going to send me back," they looked at each other then answered "no s e won't hurt you and we won't grow tire of you, why are you thinking that?" I looked at the card on the fridge and pointed it out for them looked at it then when they called the office and said that they want to talk to the person that was in charge of the social services, when they were talking to him and wanted to put not a complain but lawsuit against them. The man said that the workers would get fired and that there was no for a lawsuit against them, Seth and Joey looked at me and saw that I was looking out the window, Joey went towards and asked "what is it?" I answered "remember that no matter what keep that man on the phone," Joey looked confused but then he said "why? What's going on?" I didn't have time to explain the truth and everything but I knew that there was something that was something else larking in the shadows. When they finally showed their true self, Joey picked me up but I said "let's go to Seth, our bond will protect us," Joey listened to me and we went towards Seth, I whispered into their ears saying my goodbyes and thank yous.

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