Labyrinth 2 - Sons of the Maze

David is a young man who is the son of the same girl that got to meet the infamous Goblin King, Jereth. He dreams of meeting the King and going to the Goblin City, until he makes the same mistake and must save his sister, Kara, as he tries to outsmart Jereth's son, Jeredith. But what happens when David starts to think that Jeredith and the Labyrinth isn't so bad?

((Based off Jim Henson's LABYRINTH))


2. Chapter One - Make A Wish


Chapter One Make A Wish


“I can never remember this part…” said a young man as he walked around the court yard with a red book in his hand and a shaggy, gray and white dog at his side


    The dog barked as it ran a little ways away and looked up at the cloudy sky before running back to his master who was reading to himself in a whisper.


“You have no power over me…” he said, before sighing and closing the book “Like I’m suppose to believe that myself. If I met the Goblin King, I would probably be screwed…”


    Thunder roared, making the man jump a little. Then he heard the bell from the church, which startled him even more.


“Damn it! 10’ o’clock! I’m going to be late!”


The dark haired male grabbed his jacket then took off running over the bridge and down the street as it began to rain. As he ran, and as the sprinkling mist turned to pouring buckets, his dog ran close next to him, trying his best to keep up with his fast master.


“Hurry, Ambros!” he yelled to his canine companion as they ran across the road, making a car stop and blow the horn


    They ran farther and farther until finally they arrived at a white house, surrounded by a matching wooden fence. The man opened the gate and hurried up to the front of the house where a man with orange hair was waiting for him.


“You’re late, David.” the man on the porch told his son


“Sorry… Come on, Ambros.”


“That dog isn’t coming into the house! He’ll get mud everywhere!”


“Well fine!” he turned to his pet “Go to the garage, Ambros… Go!”


The dog whined softly and nudged his upset human before sulking to the dark garage. David stomped up the steps, past his step-father with a huff before his dad grabbed him by the arm.


“I told you to be here by 10, but you get here around 10:20! This is why I can’t trust you!”


“I said I was sorry! I lost track of time!”


“You were just so caught up in your own little world that you forgot it was getting dark out?!”


“Just leave me alone!” David shoved the angry man off of him and ran up the stairs past a woman holding a crying baby


“Oh, David! You’re home! We were so worried about you!”


“Nobody was worried, because nobody cares!” he yelled before slamming the door


The woman looked down at her husband before he spoke to her “David treats me like an evil villian or something. I only want to be a good father…”


“I’ll talk to him, sweetie.”


    David sat quietly at the old mirror desk his mom had given him. It looked pretty girly, but he didn’t care. It was good to use for costumes and pinning pictures of his celebrity crush on it to look at whenever he was sad. He took the picture of a young man winking with a smirk on his face off the side of the mirror and smiled at it.


“I wish I could talk to someone like you, Jeredith… Everytime I get near my family, I just get all angry and mean. I don’t want to be like that… I hate my life…”


    The music box next to him started playing a soft tune, making the teary eyed man smile. He picked up the musical stage that had a man dancing in it gracefully with a smile on his face. David stared at it as he dreamed of a curious and mysterious world where everything was not what it seemed, as an owl stared at him through his window. Suddenly, a small knock at the door brought David out of his dream.


“David? Are you in there?” a kind voice asked


“Yes, mother. I’m here.”


His brown haired mom walked in with a smile “Are you alright? What happened between you and your father downstairs?...”


“I was a little late getting home and he thinks it’s the end of the world. That’s what happened…”


“He’s just worried about you, dear.”


“I know! But that doesn’t mean I should be treated like a baby!”


“I know, sweetheart, I know. Now, your father and I are going out to dinner. Can you watch Kara for us while we’re gone?”




“Thank you, sweetheart.” she kissed his head then stood up to leave, before stopping when David pulled on her jacket


“Mom… What was the Goblin City like?...”


She turned to him and smiled again “It was amazing. Scary, but amazing. Same as their king was.”


“Will I ever get to go there? Or will I ever meet the king?...”


“I hope not, honey. I went there, because I made a terrible mistake. Just be good and try not to get too caught up with your little crush.” she winked and giggled a little at her son’s blush


“Mom! Don’t mention him!” he smiled at the joke before his mom left him alone in his room


    David sat down at the desk once more and picked up the musical machine with the man inside. He sat it down carefully, then picked up the picture of his celebrity crush and smiled again before laying his head down gently and falling alseep.


    The man didn’t get to sleep for long, though, for the storm started up again. In the room down the hallway, a small blonde haired, baby girl stood up in her crib and started to cry. David tried to ignore the cries at first, but finally gave up and went to Kara’s room. He walked in slowly and over to the baby girl before picking her up and rocking her, but still she kept crying.


“Calm down, Kara! Please! Don’t make me say the words!” he said in a teasing way before making a serious tone


Will he say it? He’s only joking I think.


“Kara! I will say it! Unless you stop crying, I’ll say the magic words!”


Did he say it?


Shh! Listen!


I can’t hear!


I can’t move!


Shut up!


Kara kept on crying so David lifted her up high and said as he felt a little stupid “Goblin King, Goblin King, wherever you are, take this baby away from me!”


    David sighed and sat down on the bed with his little sister before standing back up and laying her down in her crib. He covered her with her favorite blankets and gave her a small teddy bear with a red ribbon on it. As she still kept crying, he looked down at her with a frown.


“I wish the Goblin King would take you away…” he whispered before turning and shutting off the light, then walking towards his room, before stopping when all the noises in the house vanished. Along with the crying of baby Kara.


    He turned back around and listened carefully. All he heard was the creaking of the floor that he was standing on. Silence. Pure silence. He slowly trudged towards Kara’s room, feeling as though all the fear in him was weighing him down. The older teen gazed into the dark room and saw nothing wrong.


“Kara?... Are you okay?...” he whispered as he flipped the light switch, but no light came on “Kara?... Kara, answer me…”


    He walked over to the crib and looked down at the blankets that seemed to be moving a little. He grabbed them quickly and threw them off, to find that Kara was gone. He gasped and fell backwards into the shelf of toys, making some of the loud, noise making toys go off as the owl that had been watching David earlier started clawing against the glass of the large window.


David stood up quickly, just in time for the window to slam open and make the curtains fly everywhere. The owl flew around the room and David with its silvery wings as the drapes seemed to follow its path around the boy. He fell backwards again as he tried to get out of the reach of the bird, but ran into the bookshelf that toppled over in seconds. He cowered on the floor and covered his head and neck with his arms, ready for the books to fall on him, but as they hit the floor, he noticed that not a single one hit him, and then quickly saw the shadow of a man above him.


“Hello, David. I’ve been waiting for your call.~”

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