Vegan Witch

This story is based on Animal Abusers.
There was 14-year-old teenage girl named Nagev Veganstone. She was also Vegetarian and Witch. She don't mind the meat eaters, but she puts spells on fur where people wearing fur coats.
She also cast spells on slaughter industries.
If she cast spell on adult fur coats, fur will start to come alive.
If she cast spell on children's fur coats, they'll slowly turn into animal or act like animals depends on fur coat what they wearing.
She could also have automatically transfer her vegan power to other people and turned meat and dairy products to cry in pain like animals.


11. Virtual Realistic Island (Yuki speaking)

Ashley, Emily, Sang and I were teleported to an abandoned island that looks realistic. Island only had trees.

Voice said, "Week 1, Day 1."

Just then when we look at our pockets, our wallets, ID cards and keys were gone.

"I'm getting hungry." Ashley, Emily and Sang said.

"Me, too." I said. "Let's hunt for food."

We went to look for food and there was no sign of animals in this island.

After week, voice said, "Week 2, Day 1."

We felt sick and weak.

"We are trapped in this island with no food and water." we all cried out in agony."

Just then, talking Ambulance appeared in front of us and it said, "This is how 66 chimpanzees feel without no food and drink."

"I know how they feel now." Emily, Sang and Ashley said.

"Me, too." I said. "We have to tell our employees and students we can't be silenced by greedy Blood Center."

"Congratulation! You passed survival test." Ambulance said. "Hop in and I'll bring you back to your world."

Soon as we stepped in Ambulance, we were back in our room in front of computer.

"Please stop crying machines and cars!!" we pleaded. "We'll ask Laurie Glimtcher, Michael Hodin, and Howard Meilstein to reinstate funding for Chimpanzees."

Just then, noise stopped.

After that realistic island survival adventure, we didn't feel like eating meats or seafoods anymore, so we decided to go to Whole Food Columbus Circle instead for vegan dinner.





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