Vegan Witch

This story is based on Animal Abusers.
There was 14-year-old teenage girl named Nagev Veganstone. She was also Vegetarian and Witch. She don't mind the meat eaters, but she puts spells on fur where people wearing fur coats.
She also cast spells on slaughter industries.
If she cast spell on adult fur coats, fur will start to come alive.
If she cast spell on children's fur coats, they'll slowly turn into animal or act like animals depends on fur coat what they wearing.
She could also have automatically transfer her vegan power to other people and turned meat and dairy products to cry in pain like animals.


13. Vegan Police Cars (Ashley speaking)

When we exit Times Warner Building, there were two cars with police siren, and VEGAN POLICE on it. We even found two uniforms.

"I'll ride Unit #1 with Yuki." I said.

"OK." Sang and Emily said. "We'll take 2nd Unit."




We even had badge, ID and Vegan Ticket Booklet.

Vegan Police Cars said, "Please put this uniform quickly."


We put on Vegan Police Uniforms quickly and we felt great power of Vegan.

"Get in." Vegan Police cars said.

Emily and Sang step into Unit #2 and I step in Unit #1.

Then our radio beeped and dispatcher said, "This is headquarter to Unit #2. Response to 888 Park Av, warrant for arrest of Howard Milstein for New York Blood Center Chimpanzee scandal."

"Roger 10-4." I heard Emily answered dispatcher.

Yuki was driving Unit #1 when dispatcher called in, "This is headquarter to Unit #1. Response to Laurie Glimcher's resident at 308 East 72nd St for possible New York Blood Center Chimpazee Scandal and have warrent for arrest.

"Roger, 10-4." I said into radio and we put on flashing lights and siren on.

We turned onto eastbound 59th St, then carriage drivers laughed when they saw name, VEGAN POLICE."

It wasn't funny at all but we were focusing on our arresting our animal cruelty fugitives.

Then we turned east on Park Av, while Unit #2 continue north while we turned right at 72nd St, then pulled over in front of 308 East 72nd St.

Yuki and I change my hairstyle quickly, so Laurie Glimcher wouldn't recognize us. We even disguise our voices.

We showed our badge and warrant for arrest permit to doormens and said, "We're Vegan Police. We have arrest warrant for Laurie Glimcher."

Doormen gave us her apartment room number and we rush into her apartment room number.

I pressed doorbell and Laurie Glimcher said, "Who is this?"

"This is Vegan Police." we said. "Please open it up."

"Is this joke?" Laurie asked.

"No." Yuki said.

Then Laurie opened her apartment door and we showed our badge and warrant for arrest.

"You're under arrest in scandal of New York Blood Center Chimpanzee."

"I no longer works there, Officer."

"It still wouldn't matter." I said. "You can't escape from Vegan Police."

Vegan Police

Vegan Violation Citation:

Issued by Vegan Police Department.

Time: XX:XX Date XX/XX/XX

Description of Veganie Violation

Other Laurie Glimcher is suspect of animal cruelty for leaving 66 chimpazees in wild as part of New York Blood Center Scandal.

Seriousness of Offense Level 5.

"You will be in 1-year-old jail in Vegan Island Prison."


We handcuffed Laurie Glimcer and taken into our Vegan Police Unit #1.

Just then, we pressed button that read "VEGAN PRISON ISLAND."

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