Vegan Witch

This story is based on Animal Abusers.
There was 14-year-old teenage girl named Nagev Veganstone. She was also Vegetarian and Witch. She don't mind the meat eaters, but she puts spells on fur where people wearing fur coats.
She also cast spells on slaughter industries.
If she cast spell on adult fur coats, fur will start to come alive.
If she cast spell on children's fur coats, they'll slowly turn into animal or act like animals depends on fur coat what they wearing.
She could also have automatically transfer her vegan power to other people and turned meat and dairy products to cry in pain like animals.


5. Vegan Kingdom (Alice speaking)

I was terrify when I turned into Rabbit because I know some people eat rabbit meat. My mom were scared too. Good thing I was still able to talk even thought I turned into rabbit.

As I followed my mom into Vegan Kingdom, every animals were having fun together. Tigers and deers hanging out. Even the sharks and dolphins are hanging out together.

As we went, all animals and marine animals called out, "Welcome to Vegan Kingdom, where everyone here is Vegan including us."

"Thank you." Ana and I said.

Shark said, "You must be Alice."

"Yes, I am." I said.

"It must be awful you turned into Rabbit." Japanese Akita dog said.

"Yes." I said. "I want to return to normal."

"Do you know Naire?" owl asked.

"We met her in NYC." we said.

"Actually, Nagev is princess of Vegian Kingdom." Eagle said.

"I didn't know that." Ana said.

"Wow, Naire was Vegan Witch." I said.

"Thank you for talking to us." Ana and I said and we headed into royal chamber and there was Royal Witch said.

"Hello, Alice and Ana." Royal Witch said. "I heard from fur coats in Bloomingdale's, you came to my aide for help."

"Yes." Ana and I said.

"I'll glad to help you but you have to promise to be kind to animals by becoming full fledge Vegan by signing this contact." Royal Witch said.

"Yes, we promise." Ana and I said.

We read the list together.

I fully promise to become Vegan and follow this rule of Vegan Kingdom.

1. Don't eat meat, fish, or drink dairy products.

2. Don't use products that uses animal testing.

3. Don't go to street fairs or circuses that uses animals including zoos, aquariums.

4. Don't wear fur coats or any clothes that comes from animals.

5. Don't take ride on Carriage Horse ride.

6. Join Animal Rights Protest and Movement.

7. Eat only Vegan friendly food.

8. Create Vegan Food yourself including mock meat and mock seafood.

9. Don't go to any animal cruelity but join the Animal Rights Activists for protest.

10. Don't shop at Pet. Adopt at good Animal Shelters.

For Zoos, Aquariums, Amusement Park, you could go but as undercover investigator, health inspectors, etc.





"OK." Ana signed her name and my name on contract. "Yes, Your Heighness, we will become full-fledge vegetarian."

"Just remember, if you break the contract, you'll get curse."

"We will promise." Ana and Alice said politely.

"Power of magical Veganism, please turn Alice Francis back to human form once they return to their world." Royal Witch chanted.

I felt the veganism spell and it felt nice.

Then Royal Witch said, "Alice will return to normal when she's back in your world."

"Thank you very much, Royal Witch."

"Just remember, when you return, take fur coat off immediately and sent to this secret address to Revive Animals from Fur Coat."

"OK." Ana and I said.

"I'll give you special magic gift."

"What is it?"

"It's special vegan magic spell. You can cast spell on stores or other animal cruelty places."

"That's wonderful." Ana and I said. "Thank you."

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