Vegan Witch

This story is based on Animal Abusers.
There was 14-year-old teenage girl named Nagev Veganstone. She was also Vegetarian and Witch. She don't mind the meat eaters, but she puts spells on fur where people wearing fur coats.
She also cast spells on slaughter industries.
If she cast spell on adult fur coats, fur will start to come alive.
If she cast spell on children's fur coats, they'll slowly turn into animal or act like animals depends on fur coat what they wearing.
She could also have automatically transfer her vegan power to other people and turned meat and dairy products to cry in pain like animals.


18. Outside Bloomingdale's Lexington Av entrance (Akari speaking)

Sakura and I came upstairs to street level entrance of Bloomingdale's, we saw the three fancy celebrities, well as mother and daughter with tranquiller guns, and one Macy's employee with real gun.

Some shoppers were crying because one of their friends were in hostage situation.

Almost every Uber and taxi drivers came out of their vehicles and watch in horror as strange robberies were happening in bold daytime.

Even the 7Bus operators watched the crime unfold.

"This is terrible." I said to Sakura.

"Yes." Sakura said. "This is terrible."



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