Vegan Witch

This story is based on Animal Abusers.
There was 14-year-old teenage girl named Nagev Veganstone. She was also Vegetarian and Witch. She don't mind the meat eaters, but she puts spells on fur where people wearing fur coats.
She also cast spells on slaughter industries.
If she cast spell on adult fur coats, fur will start to come alive.
If she cast spell on children's fur coats, they'll slowly turn into animal or act like animals depends on fur coat what they wearing.
She could also have automatically transfer her vegan power to other people and turned meat and dairy products to cry in pain like animals.


16. Bloomingdale's (Yuki speaking)

James Bond turned my Bloomingdale's uniform name tag that could automatically turn into gun. I came to early and I walked and talk to fur coat."

Ashley, Ana, Alice, Emily, Sang's robbery code is "Bloody Fur."

"Don't cry, fur coats." I said in sweet cuddling voice. "My friends and I'll come rescue you and sent you to secret place where you will turn back to wild animals."

Fur coat stopped crying and they acted like normal because Macy's just open for business.

At eleven, store was getting extreme busy with holiday shoppers.

Then Ana and Alice came in, grabbed shopping carts and walk toward fur department.

I smiled as Ana and Alice headed into fur department and started to put fur coats in their baskets.

Next, Ashley, Emily and Sang dressed up as fancy celebrities without using  any animal cruelty fur or products.

In front of shoppers, Ana handed Alice fur coat, then Alice put in her backpack, which female shopper notices them.

She approached me, and "Excuse me, ma'am."

"Yes, may I help you."

"I just saw that girl's mother handing her fur coats and her daughter put fur coats in her backpack."

"They shoplifting?" I asked.

"Yes." shopper said.

I approach Alice and Ana and we play our role as Robbery and employee.

"Excuse me, ma'am." I said to Alice and Ana. "This shopper notice you're stealing our fur coat."

"Sorry ma'am." Alice and Ana said and they put fur coat back into basket and move on to their next position next to Ashley, Emily and Sang.

Shopper smiled.

Just then, Ashley, Emily, Sang, Alice and Ana took out her tranqualizer guns and said, "EVERYONE FREEZE!"

Shoppers, securities and employees stopped what they're doing and panicked. My manger Juliet Montague was next to me.

"This is BLOODY FUR robbery."

"Is this joke?" my manager, Juliet Montague asked.

"Sorry, Juliet." I said matter-of-fact. "This is not joke."

I touch my name tag and Juliet noticed in horror as real gun appeared from my Macy's name tag and I shot a gun in roof.

Juliet sticked her hands in surrender.

"Securities, closed all entrances immediately!" I said into intercome.

Terrifying securities scramble to close every store entrance and locked it and they locked it.





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