Fairy Tales

Behind every story is a story. Behind every fairy tale, is tale all its own. Tales that were passed down from generations to generations and changed, I’ve watched it all. But, no one knows how they really started, but I do. I’m Fallen, a pixie to be exact. Oh but pixies aren’t real, you say. Well look around you. You see the rustle in the leaves, the soft wind blowing around you? That’s the work of pixies. Anyway, getting back onto topic, I have a story for your so-called stories.


1. Chapter 1: Little Red Riding Hood

This is the story where the girl gets a red cloak from her grandmother, who lives through the woods, and she has to bring her something and apparently the big bad wolf eats grandma, pretends to be her so he can eat Little Red, but then this random lumberjack comes and saves the day. But, that’s nowhere near what really happened. Hang on a moment… where is that darn thing… ah, here it is.


Once there was this beautiful little girl, with eyes as blue as the sky and hair as golden as the sun. There was a witch in the town where she lived as well. She was very jealous of the little girl. The family were given jewels and expensive things just so the townsfolk could see the child, everyone literally worshipped her. She soon became spoiled. This witch, who disguised herself as a beautiful young woman, whom all the men swooned over. But, when the child was born, everyone stopped paying attention to her and to the child. She was jealous, very jealous. One day, she went to see the child and when she did, the family stopped her. “Be gone witch.” They threw stones at her and she pulled up her black cloak and ran into the forest, where she then became Grandmother. No one knew it was really the witch. But she left a gift for the child, a beautiful red cloak. When the family saw it, they thought it was a gift from a townsfolk. They opened it and gave it to the child. She immediately put it on and ran along. “Where are you going, dear child?” “To see Grandmother, of course.” “Alright, please bring this food to her.” The young child nodded and ran to the woods and through them, going to the path she knew all too well. She soon came upon a house and knocked on the door, “Dear grandmother? I have come to visit you.” The door opened and Grandmother stood there and looked at the child. “Come in.” She said sweetly. And so she did. Then Grandmother told her, I have given you that cloak. I once was very beautiful too, but now I have been reduced to almost nothing.” She said hatefully. “And I shall now curse you for it.” The child then tried to leave, but she couldn’t. Grandmother muttered words and she looked at herself, she didn’t look any different. But then her hair started to turn a deep ugly red and she looked in the mirror, her eyes turned as golden as her hair once was. The child shrieked. “What have you done to me Grandmother?” The child started to feel funny and then looked at herself, she was a wolf. She howled and tackled Grandmother. Grandmother screamed for help and a man of the trees heard and ran to help with his ax. He stabbed the wolf and it died, but then slowly morphed back into the girl. Once again her hair and eyes were as they once were. When she was given back to her family, they were told what happened. They were disgusted and burned their child whom they once worshiped.


Now do you understand? Sure this story had a lumberjack, a girl with a red cloak, and the grandmother. But I guess sometimes children must believe what they must so they can live peacefully. Like this next story, the story of a girl with long hair, Rapunzel.

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