Just your average geek

So this isn't your average story... My name is Cara (I know basic but I don't care) I'm just an average person... I love school but no-one likes me... I get bullied daily and I often get hit a lot but my parents do not know not will they


3. who are you?

I let the boy sit down but I keep my head down.

"Hello you are Cara aren't you?" I hear his soft voice speak oh god

I look up and notice the boys godly good looks looking at me

"Oh erm yeah... I am Cara, you are Luke yes ?"

"That is correct"

"I've heard that you and your friends are moving here"

"They are hardly my friends"

"What do you mean?"

"I know I've only just met you but I feel like I can trust you so at my old school no-one liked me and I was just one of those people that everyone sees but no-one speaks to them and then the boys heard that I was moving and decided that they would move too so they would mess up my life even more"

"Oh I'm sorry"

"Where are your friends?"

"I don't have none"

"What do you mean?"

Luke's POV

How can someone so gorgeous not have friends or even a boyfriend I mean look at her. Her soft hair in waves laying by her sides and her shirt looks amazing on her. Oh god Luke you will not fall for another girl like you did with Alesha not again... Look what happened last time

Cara's POV

Oh god look at him.. Cara no. Even though you have never had a boyfriend you will not fall for him you don't know what he is like and you only just met the damn boy

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