Just your average geek

So this isn't your average story... My name is Cara (I know basic but I don't care) I'm just an average person... I love school but no-one likes me... I get bullied daily and I often get hit a lot but my parents do not know not will they


9. wait

~2 weeks later~

It's been a while and things haven't been so good... Me and luke are not talking. It makes me cry and I cut most nights. I miss our conversations. I miss our hugs. I miss him. He blocked my number whilst he was thinking about things but his family moved next door so I need to tell him what I think.

I grabbed my vans and threw my hair up into a messy bun. I walked outside and stood outside the house. I knocked. Once. Twice. I was about to knock a third time but his mom answered the door

"Oh hey honey how are you?"

"Hi, I'm okay I suppose is luke at home?"

"Sure, let me get him for you honey"

She invited me inside and I waited awkwardly. Then he came downstairs. Pj pants on hanging low on his waist revealing his perfect, flat stomach. His hair was a state but still beautiful. He had dark circles under his eyes and his eyes were red and blotchy. As he looked over at me his jaw dropped and he ran straight towards me. He grabbed me and swung me around.

"I've missed you sooo much"

"I've missed you too"

"Please forgive me for not talking too you. It killed me not talking to to"

"Cara don't worry it was exactly the same for me I can't believe I've missed someone so much in my life"

I hugged him and his arms went straight around my waist I pulled away and he grabbed my face and kissed me, slowly and then more harder with more passion than before.

I sunk down as this was perfection.

I pulled away and he looked confused.

"I just came to say I'm sorry not make out with you. I don't know if I want to get back with you"

"Please Cara I care about you way too much for this to happen again. Please I love you."

"Luke I don't know if every time we fall out you do this to me. It killed me"

"I know and I regret it so much please forgive me"



So sorry for the long wait into this chapter and I'm so sorry for the long wait. I hope you still enjoy it. Anyone have any ideas?

Do you think she will say yes or no?

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