Just your average geek

So this isn't your average story... My name is Cara (I know basic but I don't care) I'm just an average person... I love school but no-one likes me... I get bullied daily and I often get hit a lot but my parents do not know not will they


7. please

Luke's POV

People were crowdin around her for ages and I couldn't get in. There was flashing lights everywhere as people were filming her just lying there, her fragile bones twisted at any angle possible. What the hell did they do?

I pushed my way through and I gent ally picked her up and walked towards the nurses office and I put her down on the bed. I explained everything that happened but the nurse couldn't bring her round what so ever. They had to call and ambulance and they carted her off. I wanted to go with her but they said that I had to stay in school because I was failing a couple of lessons. I couldn't thing straight. All I could think was her. What was happening? It was literally drivin me crazy

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