Just your average geek

So this isn't your average story... My name is Cara (I know basic but I don't care) I'm just an average person... I love school but no-one likes me... I get bullied daily and I often get hit a lot but my parents do not know not will they


5. oh great

I looked over and saw my ex best friend JJ come towards me. Ever since we were 5 we were inseparable then when we moved to high school rumours were spread that I had said things about him which I didn't. He was followed by 2 guys that I had never seen before. This might've been Calum and michael but who knows. Before I knew it JJ punched me in the face and shoved all of my things to the floor. He crunched on my glasses which shattered into pieces and he started kicking me but it wouldn't stop. I wish it did but it didn't. People were crowding around me laughing and filming me. Teachers walked past and didn't do nothing. He finally walked away and as I tried to walk I just collapsed on the floor and that's when I blacked out.

Lukes POV

I saw 3 guys head over to Cara and 2 of them were Calum and Michael oh god this isn't going to end well. I couldn't see what was going on as I was trying to look normal and fit in with the others so that they wouldn't see me. People were surrounding her for ages. I tried to look but people were huddled around them. When it was finally over I saw Cara, defenceless on the floor and she looked like she had blacked out. Oh god. I went over to her and picked her up and took her to the nurse. As I looked over my shoulder I saw a puddle of blood. Christ what the hell have they done to her?!

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