Just your average geek

So this isn't your average story... My name is Cara (I know basic but I don't care) I'm just an average person... I love school but no-one likes me... I get bullied daily and I often get hit a lot but my parents do not know not will they


2. hello

Cara's POV:

BEEP BEEP!!! Ugh my crappy alarm signals that it's time to go to school.. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy it but the people there are just stubborn bitches that are so far up their own asses that they only speak crap... I drag myself out of my bed and into the bathroom. I look at my reflection and I cry. Why can't I be beautiful like the other girls? I grab my old friend and I cut I promised myself I wouldn't but I can't help it.

I put a small amount of mascara and leave my hair down in it's usual waves with a transition of brown to blue.

I grab my ripped jeans and my all time low shirt and a jacket and get dressed. I put on my doc martens and leave my house with an apple in my hand.

I grabbed my skateboard and skated along the familiar path to school. I was thinking about the principle said how we are getting a new student as his family have transferred from Australia to the UK and apparently his friends are coming too.. I don't know who he is but I hope he isn't like the others.

As I arrived at school I ran to my locker and duck down so no-one notices me. I open my locker and put on my glasses to see the schedule and grab the appropriate books that I need for today

Just as I walk into English I look and notice that someone is sat in my seat so I decide to move to another one near the back so I still ain't gonna interfere with anyone or get any attention from no-one

"Cara this is Luke and he said that he wants to sit next to you"

Oh crap

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