Just for Fun {Akaito x Kaito}

Akaito just wants to have fun~


1. One Kiss

I walked into the house and threw off my clothes and stayed in my boxers. I just wanted to cool off after today. 

"Akai-kun, welcome home," Kaito said coming out of the kitchen. He was wearing only a tank top, shorts and over that, an apron. Looking at him only made me want to tease him. But before that, I had a little business with the little Hatsune. I said hey to Kaito and continued to my room, taking my clothes with me, and found the little Hatsune male reading a manga on my bed. I threw my clothes at him and he looked up speedy fast and threw them off.

"Eww! Why do they stink of sweat?" he cried.

"I just ran," I replied. He looked me over his little face turning red. He looked away and then back at me. 

"So, homework?" he said. I nodded and went to my desk. I immediately took out my homework binder and then a pencil with a chili eraser. I glanced at the young Hatsune waiting for him to get out his things. When I asked what he was waiting for, he immediately turned red and grabbed his bag pulling out his homework binder. His binder, like his hair, was teal. I've always found him to be an adorable little brother type, but he doesn't seem to think the same. I noticed it a few weeks ago that he blushed whenever we were alone together. I always wondered why, but when his little sister told me, I was shocked but at the same time, amused. Of course he would be the same as all the others. He probably liked me because of my looks. Well, as far as I know, the girls have. Being a super handsome loid like myself... well, lets say my voice attracts everyone. 

"So, Mikuo," I said getting an idea. He flinched dropping his binder. Simply something to grin at. The way he shook as he bent down to take back his binder... he was simply a fun little guy to tease. Especially knowing of his feelings.

The little Hatsune looked at me his face bright red. 

"Do you have someone you like yet?" I asked. His face turned even redder that I thought for sure he would blend in with my hair if I were to touch him. I grinned as he stuttered on his words turning even redder. I decided to fake my innocence.

"You don't look so well, Mikuo. How about you go home and rest." I reached and touched his forehead. I pulled away with a flinch. Dang. He was really smoking. At the rate his temperature seemed to be rising, he would cease function. I hadn't intended to endanger him. Gee new updated Vocaloids were always the same. So sensitive. 

"Mikuo, I really think you should go home and cool down," I said out of concern this time. "You're overheating."

"I-I'm okay," he said. "I.."

"Mikuo..." I sighed and went to him and knelt down in front of him. I touched his cheek and brought his face up so he was looking me in the eyes. His teal blue eyes sparkled with light and his face turned even redder. I could feel his heartbeat from under his chin where my hand was. It was a nice rhythm. "Go home and cool down. Once you do, you can come back." 

He lowered his eyes and nodded. I let him go and he put his stuff back into his bag and got up.

"S-See you at school.." He looked so glum I almost felt pity for him. Notice how I said almost. Just go ahead and label me evil. I don't kid around with children.

"Mikuo-kun. You look hot," I heard my blue headed brother say. My head jerked up at the words. "And by that I mean, you look sick. What's wrong?"

"I-I don't feel well," I heard the teal headed boy say. "I just... need some rest." There was silence and I heard the door close. A few minutes later as I laid on my bed sucking on a chili pepper, there was a knock at my door. 

"Akai-kun, I have your snack." I told him to come in. When he did, I stared at him as he crossed the room to my bed. He didn't smile, but instead asked, "Mikuo looked sick. What happened?"

"Fever," I lied. Which was probably the truth. "He's overheated, so I sent him home."

"Oh..." He looked at me and then smiled. 

"What?" I asked. 

"You never show concern for people. I'm surprised you sent him home cause you cared."

"What are you? A girl?" I asked raising my eyebrow. His face scrunched up and he grabbed my scarf and pulled it. I laughed and grabbed his blue scarf and pulled him to me. Before he could react, I kissed him deeply. I stared into his eye which became smaller and his face turned red. I caressed his cheek and gently brought my fingers into his hair. It was soft like silk and my hands brushed through easily. As I kissed him, I brought my hands down his neck, he shuddered and then he pulled away panting. He stood over me shaking.

"Akai-kun.." His face was red as he said my name. I wanted more. I couldn't help but grin up at him. He blushed and raised his hand and slapped me hard across the face and ran out slamming the door behind him. Once he was out, I laid back on my bed thinking. All I could think of now was his lips. The way they felt. I smirked remembering the look on his face and fell asleep. I simply couldn't wait to see how he would react to me now.

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