Just for Fun {Akaito x Kaito}

Akaito just wants to have fun~


4. ♬Not Like a Magnet♬

I walked home the cold chilling me to the bone. It was a few weeks after school ended and I wanted nothing else to do but go home and relax in the warmth. I hated the cold. Anything cold was not okay with me. The weather had been very weird lately. It was summer, yet it was freezing temperatures. The night was dark, but illuminated by the moon. I felt the moon's call. It was almost a full moon. That didn't seem like a good sign. I sighed and went up the elevator to our room. Kaito was sleeping on the couch and looked like he was happy. He'd been going to summer school for his singing lessons and was always coming home late. I felt desperate to kiss him every time he was gone. I wanted to kiss him. So badly that I went and kissed him right then and there. He stirred and I moved away. I looked at his face and smiled touching his cheek gently. It'd been a long time since I had touched him. I had been itching to make him mine sicne that last day.

"Akai-kun..." he moaned in his sleep. I felt my face turned bright red and I stared at him. He started opening his eyes and I quickly panicked. No way was I going to let him see this face. No way in hell...

I got up and started moving away. But he tugged at my scarf and I fell backwards into him.

"A-Akai-kun..." he said. I blushed again and turned my head to him. He smiled and kissed me. Shocked, I pushed him away blushing and stared at him. How was this possible? Why.. 

"Akai-kun.. I love you..." he smiled. 

This is a dream, right? Right?!

I blushed and looked at him. He closed his eyes and seemed to wait for me. I leaned down and just as I was about to plant my lips on his, an alarm woke me up. I sat up in bed panting. 

"Gee... It was just a dream," I groaned. I looked at the time and sighed. Time for work..

I got dressed and hurried to work. As soon as I got into the shop, the manager stopped me by saying, "You're late."

I rolled my eyes and went to the dressing room where I saw Kaito asleep on the bench beside the wall.

I walked over to him and squatted down in front of him looking at his face. His long eyelashes laid upon each other very well and I just couldn't help but stare. I reached over and gently touched his cheek feeling his soft skin in my hand. My heart raced as I gently rubbed his cheek. I wanted so much to touch him more. He stirred and I quickly backed away. I then went to my locker and got dressed in my uniform. Just as I was about to leave, he woke up and said my name.

"Akaito, you're here..."

"Yeah.." I looked into my locker pretending to care about nothing else, but in reality, I wanted to touch him... I wanted to kiss him and make him mine. But with all my attempts, there was always a person or thing interfering. 

"Master said we're going to do a song together this afternoon.."

This interested me. A master wanted me to do a song with Kaito? What song could it possibly be? And why me?

"What song?"

"He didn't say. He just said to wear something fitting." 

Fitting.. I feel a suspicious aura coming my way..

"Alright.." I was actually pretty excited. He and I walked out of the dressing room together and found that in the time we had been in there, the shop had filled up with people.

"Oh..." I said. "This... might be bad.."

I started with my shift and took orders and went back to the kitchen and got the orders. For each order I got, it was another summon by a customer. I went to each customer and tried to fulfill their wishes. Not that it was so much trouble. It was actually pretty easy. I did so until my break at noon. I went and had lunch with Kaito and then I went home and took a thirty minute nap. After the nap, I went back to work. After work, Kaito and I went to the Crypton headquarters and immediately, my manager dragged me into the dressing room and started yapping away.

"Why don't you fucking listen, Akaito? Hoe many times do we have to go through this? Stay away from the Vocaloids!"

"You know what? I am tired of this. Its not me you're angry with, its the fact that I actually am close to them that angers all of you! Its you humans' jealousy that has corrupted the rest of the Vocaloids into thinking that we're evil. You all manipulate them and fold them into the perfect machines that you want. Did you ever try and understand what they want? Why make them sing when they don't get the love they want. What about us? We have our own free will just as the rest of you! we may be robots, but we are programmed with feelings and emitions! what are they for then? For you to trample over? I don't think so!"

With that, I stomped away from him and went to the open studio. There, I saw Kaito sitting with his manager and when he looked at me, his face turned red and he looked down at his hands again. I wondered what had happened. This was like him, but he wasn't like this all the time. Something was different.

"Next, Akaito-san and Kaito-kun. Please come inside."

"Remember, Kaito. Its only a practice. You'll be alright." 

I walked from my place and went to the charging center. Kaito followed in. As soon as our headphones touched the charging battery, we both were transported into the computers. When I opened my eyes, I was in bed and Kaito's face was the first thing I saw. we looked at each other for a moment and then the music started. The lyrics to the song immediately started writing themselves into my head. I blinked at them and my face immediately turned red. Kaito's face was also the same. 



A feeble fire is lit at the edge of my heart; 
without my knowing, it spreads into burning passion. 
My butterfly flapped about aimlessly, 
leaving behind some powder on your hand.


Oh god... this is what I've been wanting, but I can't do it... Kaito looks like he's going to cry...


With a heart that has gone astray, 
we will melt so easily, 
that there's no free time for us 
even to feel each other's tenderness.


The entire of the song, I tried to keep myself from shaking, but I couldn't help it. As we were both computer programs, so we had to do everything that we were programmed to do. But my voice shook and I stopped singing.

The entire program shut off and we were shut back into our bodies.

"Akaito-kun, please see the director immediately. The rest of you, otsukaresama deshita."

I knew I was in trouble. I was the only Fanloid here and that was an even bigger disadvantage. I wasn't allowed to hit or hurt humans, so humans and everyone else had the right to do anything to me without me complaining. I hated where this was going.

"I-I'm so sorry, Akai-nii.."

I scowled and ignored him as I went to the director's office. In this case, the program owner.

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