Just for Fun {Akaito x Kaito}

Akaito just wants to have fun~


3. In The Clinic

"Class, please pass your homework up," the sensei said. As usual, Asakeno-kun just passed a blank sheet of paper. I waited for Kai-kun to pass his own and when he didn't, I looked back and asked for it. His face was red as he was staring at his paper on his desk. I glanced down and saw that he'd only done a partial of it. I then looked at him and saw that he was close to crying. He was like that. He has always been able to do his homework well nough and was at the top of his classes. I didn't envy him. After all, I was also at the top of my classes. We were tied in this one, but I was about to be ahead.


"Its all your fault..." he mumbled. 

My eyes grew wide and I blinked. What was he saying? I was at fault? What had I done?

"What did I do?"

He looked up glaring at me. 

"Shion brothers. Your homework please," sensei said. "And please take your chattering outside. You are disturbing my class."

I glared at him. He flinched and pushed his glasses back and continued collecting homework. 

I looked at Kai-kun just in time to see a tear drop from his eyes. 

"Sensei, I'm taking Kaito to the infirmary. He isn't feeling well." Before the teacher had time to reply, I stood and grabbed Kai-kun's arm and led him to the clinic and closed the door once I saw it was empty. I sat him on the infirmary bed and waited for  him to calm down. I didn't know how to calm him down, unless you had ice cream I could give him.

"Akai-kun," he said looking up. My heart skipped a beat when I saw his teared faced. His blue eyes seemed more clear and glassy than usual and his face was slightly red adding to the glow in his eyes. I gulped and gently reached for his face. I gently put a hand on his cheek and waited for him to hit me like always. He merely flinched and looked back at me. His face felt warm. I gently leaned in on him and kissed him. His lips were moist and sift his tongue met mine and sent a shiver down my spine. I kissed him deeply. My tongue danced with his and my senses rang with ecstasy. I laid him back on the bed and got on top of him kissing him. I slowly, with my lips still connected to his, removed his scarf revealing an aroma like no other. It made the hairs on my neck ring with excitement. 

I raised myself off of him and started removing his coat. The warmth of his body was released along with the scent of ice cream and roses. He panted gently as I slowly raised his shirt up from his body revealing his skin. I slowly brought my hands on it and he tensed shaking. I kept my lips locked with his and gently pulled his tongue with mine as I pinched his nipples. He moaned softly and with my eyes looking at his closed eyes, I saw his face turn bright red. I rubbed his belly making him shake even more. His entire body was responding to my touch. I felt my own face become hot as I slowly briught my hand to his pants. He gave a slight gasp and I removed my mouth from his. He gasped as I gently stroked the top of his pants. His bod shook against mine and I felt myself being drawn more and more into him. My heart was racing as I slowly started unzipping his pants. 

"Come here, Len... Just take it easy.." A voice said. I froze. It was Mikuo. I heard someone else come in with him. I slowly looked at Kaito and found he was panting heavily and his entire body was red. I quickly gave him a long deep and passionate kiss before I moved away from him and out of the curtains. I found Mikuo and Len both seated at the nurses desk. Len was on the chair while Mikuo was kneeling in front of him. Len looked like he was crying and in pain. I blinked and looked at what Mikuo was doing. Len's knee was all bloody. I went over to them and asked what happened.

"Akaito.. what are you doing here?" Mikuo asked suddenly his face red. Len looked at me and then away. I knew he was scowling. He was one of many who had a crush on Kaito. Mine.

"Well, Kaito got sick, so I brought him here.... what happened here?" I asked the Banana Boy.

"That's... none of your business," the shota said. I felt my eye twitch. Why this little...

"He- He got into a fight.. he won, but he was injured.."

"A fight? With whom?"

"Who else?" The teal headed boy asked as he applied first aid. Len made a hissing sound and jerked his knee back. 

"Sorry.." I watched them for a while and noticed something interesting. I smirked and left the clinic.

This should be an interesting development... But damn... My chance just slipped through my fingers again... 

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