Just for Fun {Akaito x Kaito}

Akaito just wants to have fun~


2. Bath Treatment

After the kiss I'd given him, Kaito didn't dare look or talk to me again. He didn't even try and bring me my afternoon snacks, so I had to make them myself. They didn't taste the same at all. Well, they didn't even come close to being the same. Hey, I'm not a cook. I failed cooking class with an F- the year before. I burned the kitchen, so I did get suspended, Oh wow that was fun. There was also a time when we were making cake for the principal's birthday that I added my extra spiny chili to it when no one was watching. Te principal was pissed. He cancelled the Home Economy classes for a week complaining as to how we'd just tried to poison him. Well, he wasn't too far off. I'm just one hell of a troublemaker. I just love  causing trouble. There has always been one person I never caused trouble for. And that's Kaito. Kaito is my younger brother by a year. Of course, he was first of the Shion brothers to be developed. Then came me and then Taito and the others followed after us. 

"Akai-kun, bath is ready," Taito said. I looked at him and grew very pale. I was going to bathe after him? I imagined all the blood that must still be in the tub and shuddered.

"I didn't leave any blood, you know," he said as though he was reading my mind. His face was revealed without the usual bandages, but he quickly tied them on like they were some kind of take. I sighed and went to the bath. I didn't notice anything about it until I was already in the bath. I smiled awkwardly at him and he just huffed and turned his head. 

"Aw come on," I said. "It was just a kiss." 

He refused to look at me or answer me, but I saw his entire body turn red as my hair. So sensitive... so smooth his skin looked. I couldn't look away. I reached forwards and touched his back. He flinched jumping away from me. He looked at me with a red face. I just stood there and stared at him. The way he was shaking was just adorable. It made me want to eat him. I felt my fangs throbbing to get out. I grinned and he flinched blushing. I really hoped it was the kind of blush that I wanted. 

"What's wrong, Kai-kun?" I asked. He looked away from me and started scrubbing himself completely ignoring my presence. I knew he was aware of my presence since he looked so tense. He hesitated at each movement that I found it irresistible to just stand there and do nothing but watch as he made himself cuter and cuter and I just couldn't stay still anymore. I approached him and put my hand oh his back. I felt him stiffen up even more and as I moved my hand down his back, he shuddered and I heard a small quiet whimper. 

"Kai-kun," I said. "Are you alright?" 

He didn't answer me. I grinned and thought of a way to make him actually speak to me. I grabbed the washcloth and soaped it and then I started scrubbing his back. He looked over his shoulder at me, but he immediately looked back. Again, his ears turned red as my hair. I bit it and he flinched.

"S-stop that!" he cried. He gasped and put his hand to his mouth turning even redder. He looked down and then I noticed he was shaking. 

K-Kai-kun?" I said. "What's wrong?"

Man. I crack myself up. 

I scooted closer to him and as I raised his head up to me, I saw how deep his blush was against his pale skin and deep blue eyes and hair. They complimented each other like the night and day. I leaned in and kissed him. He didn't push me back, but he did try and move away. I pulled him closer deepening the kiss. I felt him shudder as I held his naked body. 

"A-Akai-kun..." he whispered, "s-stop.." 

His voice made my vampire inner self rise and I almost lost control when Akaiko banged on the door. At first it was a simple light knock and that let me know that it was Akaiko the calm and caring big sister. The banging was what made me pull away from Kaito.

"Akaito! What in Crypton's name are you doing to your brother!?" she shouted.

"N-nothing sis!" 


"I'm not done yet!" I shouted back.

"I'm coming back in one minute! You better be out by then!" And I heard her stomp away. I took a deep breath and looked at Kaito. He was silent and he looked like he was about to pee himself. Though I knew exactly what was wrong with him as he was squirming in his seat instead of taking the leak. I rubbed my neck not knowing whether to disobey sis or not. If I disobeyed her, she'd kill me. If I obeyed her, I'd miss my chance.

Oh Crypton don't let her kill me! 

I knelt down in front of Kaito and kissed him pinning him to the floor of the shower room. If I was going to be killed, I didn't want to go still.. 

"A-Akai-nii.. stop!" He kneed me in the stomach and stood up. "Why do you keeo do-doing stuff like that? We're brothers for Crypton's sake!" 

With that, he stomped away leaving me in silent pain. 

You are so going to be mine whether you want me or not, Kai-kun. I felt my gums burn. I was losing control of my other side little by little. If this continued, I wouldn't be able to control what I actually did to Kaito.

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